Ventilation is the Devil!

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  1. Hello everyone. Here's my annoying-ass problem. I've taken the time to build what I believe to be a sweet setup. The problem is it has been nothing but trouble and problem after problem.....all have been conquered but one..and perhaps the most imporant one at that. room is long and thin but there isn't any air circulation in there. We've put fans (that just blow hot air around), an a/c unit but it's a window unit and generates more heat than cool air. We've even gone as far as to think about building a vent system in the walls but it will require a lot of time and effort. I've already spent about $1600 and would like to cut back on the spending....what should I do? The temperature in the room ranges from 88-100 degrees at hot this ok? The average temp when our closet door is kept closed is 96 degrees. What the hell do I do because everything else is going so well?
  2. go to home depot and get ome duct work (like the kind that already runs on your central heat and air unit) and two 60 -80 cfm bathroom fans cut holes in the wall and size your fan then run the duct work into your attic or some other random spot in the house and if odor becomes a problem so much for the cutting back on spending because you need a carbon filter and FAST!!!-------Peace Out
  3. and for god sake do it quick 96 wont kill plants but it will stunt growth and overall bud production get it to about 80-85 and you should be straight------Peace Out
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