ventilation in winter

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm considering throwing in a ventilation system to my room.  Aside from keeping my lights cool, I want fresh CO2 moving through.  
    My issues comes when thinking about letting freezing air in the room.  Its about 5 degree F outside right now.
    Is there any type of buffer system that could warm the air up?  Would pumping colder air directly on my light help keep cool?
    Also I've read that condensation can build up with the extreme cold meeting the heat.  Anyone have any good solutions?

  2. If you're going to have air that cold going into the tent I'd put it on a timer so it goes off with the light. Remember that the air in the rest of you home has plenty off CO2, the most important thing is to get the used air out.
  3. Great news!
    I've been so concerned about passive/active intake and exhaust that I didn't stop to think that my home is moving air all the time.  My flower room is in no way air tight, as there's a crack under the door.  So all I would need to do is get myself a carbon filter, an inline fan and some ducting and get it out of the house?
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  4. is there a certain amount of times I should be replenishing the air in my room, or should I just have the exhaust kick on when it gets above a certain temperature?
  5. Recommend once every 5 min
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  6. Not that it can be told without taking notes....but if my room stays about 75-85 with the light on, replacing my air every five minutes, or every minute in the case of my new fan, would surely keep the temperature down right?
  7. It might if the ambient air isn't the same temp
  8. ambient air in the house stays around 70 F

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