ventilation in apts.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dirty, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Soon Ihope to start a grow room in my apt.. I will use a 1000 watt lamp set up. I am concerned about venting the air in the grow room when the buds are in full bloom. Can I simply vent stale air into another room to avoid the smell reaching the neighbors? How well do ozone devices work and what is the best method to utalize them in my situation? Also i live in a fairly cold region and usually keep all the windows and doors closed. Please help me answer my air circulation problems.
  2. youre going to use a whole room in an a apt for a 1000 watt grow? i think youre crazy, but i suppose it can be done. what do you know the maintence people or something? :) you would need to build yourself a pretty serious carbon scrubber. because it will stink. i had a stink problem with 2 females under 400 watts in a well ventilated closet. you could smell as soon as you walked in the door sometimes. you will need atleast 3 fans to move that air and a blower for your scrub system.
  3. well i plan on venting the air cause sources say i have to. the problem is where to vent it to? apts are close together and i dont want to vent it out the window unless it is treated. what is the best way to do this? i will not use a whole room only a 6 x 6 foot space. i know ozone machines are the best way to control odors but how do i use them with a venting system? Do they work that fast? What is a carbon scrubber? is that adding a carbon filter to the exuast ducting? How well does this work? thank u
  4. Thanks everyone. I am amazed at how fast my problems were solved. I did some more research on carbon filters and that seems to be my answer. I will make 2 five gallon bucket carbon filters and have my exuast blower run through them
  5. glad problem was solved, good look and if at possible share some pics, would be interested in seeing how your venture goes :)

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