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  1. Gonna be getting a SJ DR90 3x3x6 and a 400 AC HPS reflector not sure of what kind yet. Also want to get a carbon filter and fan,im unsure if i should go with a 4'' CF and fan or 6''? and do i need a inline fan or would a duct fan work as well. Thanks
  2. you want to replace the air in the tent approx. 5 times per minute
    best way is with an inline duct fan
    so if your tent is 3ftx3ftx6ft= 54 cubic foot x that by 5mins = 270cfm

    so with no ducting or filter a 270 cfm fan would just do it ,but bare in mind
    when and if you attach a carbon filter it will decrease fan efficiency 10-15%, plus the longer the ducting required decreases it further so youll need to factor this in if you need to control smells
    go by cfm rating more than the fan size in inches
  3. thanks for the info probally gonna go with a 6'' then also is this how i would set it up
    carbon filter--->Air Cooled Hood--Ducting-->Fan--ducting---out? This will be my first grow with a AC cooled hood so have ?s thanks
  4. i dont have any experience with air cooled hoods yet .....its my next purchase....but

    from what i understand what you suggested would work ok, but optimally you would run one fan just to cool the light, this bringing air in from outside the tent and passing straight through the light and out the other side. another one just for exhaust

    this is because obviously plants =humidity

    humidity+electricity =not good

    pulling wet humid air through your light fixture probably not advisable

    i would get some more ideas from people who are actually using these though
    i could be wrong and it may be fine to use the method you said

    good luck

  5. Don't worry about the humidity going through your lamp as it should not be crazy high anyhow. If its normal 40-60% its just fine. 40-50% is what most houses are at if there running AC. AC takes humidity out of the of the principle reasons why AC has a cooling effect. Electronics can take a wide range of atmospheric conditions. If they couldn't then someone in the rain forest would be without the ability to use electronics. 10 years US Marine Corp working on Air Traffic Control systems :). We operated my gear in 90% humidity in Japan to 10% in Afghan.

    The method he is describing works just fine. My set up is

    Carbon filter > ducting to Light Tube> Ducting out of Light Tube to inline fan > out of tent.

    and I have a ducting inside to suck air out through another fan.

    All in all my tent is a nice 77-81 degrees with it zipped up. Humidty ranges from 40-50% at any given time. No fires, no explosions just nice 400w HPS light for my babies.
  6. nice info, so i will not need a seperate fan when i get a cooltube...brilliant

  7. This is what I use. Was easy to attach ducting and air passes from one end through the other end.

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