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  1. Thanks in advance for anyone who helps a brother out. I know a fair amount of knowledge about this subject but can't figure out what's going on.

    Light: 600W
    Medium: Soil
    Exhaust: 6" 400 cfm growbright fan
    Intake: 6" 200 cfm ductbooster

    The grow room is next to a bathroom, I intake fresh air from underneath the sink/cabinet in that room. Temps in the bathroom are 70F. I exhaust the hot air up the drywall between the two rooms.

    Temps stay between 75-82F for the first 3-4 hours of lighs on, by the 10th hour of lights on the room is at 90F.

    I blow through my cooltube however it is completely sealed and ductaped just in case the seal isn't 100%. I have tried to change the exhaust fan to pull through the light and it gets hotter at a quicker rate.

    I just order a 6" CAN max fan and CAN filter to replace my lower quality growbright equipment which has already seen over 1 year of use.


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  2. loose the intake fan... just bend the intake line in a S so no light comes in

    you need to pull air threw the filter and over the light... don't push air over the light.. it shortens the life of the bulb

    should be problem solved

    report back
  3. Would I be okay to place my fan 3 feet below the room in my crawl space and exhaust under the house or would that be too much ducting? Since it would be under the house I would be able to run it on full speed without noise issues
  4. And wouldn't the intake bring more cool air in at a quicker rate than a passive intake therefore keeping the room cooler than without a fan?
  5. Do you have access to the top of the wall you are exhausting into?

    I don't know how much knowledge you have of construction so i'm just gonna explain things like you don't know anything.

    If you are exhausting into the wall, which isn't the smartest thing to do by the way, You are going to have to drill out or cut out the double top plate for the exhaust to exit the wall. Not to mention without any way for that much air to escape the wall that quickly you have an instantaneous back up. No air is being exchanged and things just get hotter.

    If you are pulling air into the room with a vent through the same stud bay in that wall and your exhaust is just blowing into the wall without an escape it is going to just heat up your into vent and you will gradually be blowing hotter and hotter air into the room.
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    So should I cut a 6" hole into the floor between the drywall and just vent into the crawlspace under the house?

    The back wall and left side wall are exterior walls filled w/ insulation so I cant cut into that drywall and vent. The only wall I have to vent from is the one that shares with the bathroom.

    This room is on the first floor of a 2 story house, master bedroom is above this room.
  7. Venting into the crawl space would be much better than into the wall.
  8. Hey SS, when I'm done with my box, I'm gonna have you over to take a look at it! :D
  9. Just let me know. I'm here for the good of the people.

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