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  1. Hi! Newbie here, first time growing. Been reading for a while and finally pieced together a little something. Bought a basic cabinet from Lowe's for $124. Specs are

    -38.5" x 70.5" x 20.5" (A bit narrow but I think I'll be growing autoflowers first, can always built another clone/veg cab later.
    -2 MarsHydro 600 (about 272W apiece, so almost 550W) and a Sun Systems 150W HPS.
    -Apollo 390CFM Inline 6" Fan
    -Homemade Carbon Scrubber
    -Lined with Mylar, and inside completely sealed.
    -LightProof box for intake (sorry, forgot who, but someone on ICMag, basically a box with 4-5 baffles, little airflow resistance)

    Anything else I'm forgetting, please let me know, had too much birthday smoke -.- lol. Nothing inside currently, seeds on the way [​IMG]. Just put everything together inside and ran my fan and what do you know, its running hot. Only have one MarsHydro in there with the 150W HPS and its 81* with fan on 90%. 50% and its 86*. Intake is very free flowing, thanks to the box, has a cheap thin air filter over it that doesn't do much. The box is over 2 4" holes. My fan is rated for 390 CFM, thought it'd pull more....

    Anywho, my question is, would adding a few 120MM fans to increase intake work? Or would the big inline fan I have currently just make everything deefficient? Was thinking of two 120MM fans for intake where the holes are currently, and two more on the semi-false bottom.

    I haven't even added the second LED light in. So expecting temps to be in the 90s if nothing is corrected. T_T no good.

    Thanks for any and all help, and happy Fridays everyone! hope its filled wit smoke :p

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  2. thinking of buying 2-4 of these:

    two for the intake holes, and two in the bottom...any ideas? naysayers?

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