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ventilation for 4x4x6.5 grow tent

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by DfyAnt, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. I purchased a 4x4x6.5 grow tent and Im looking at the materials I need for ventilation.

    There is a 4" flange outlet at the top back of the tent and two 6" flange outlets on the top and one on each side.

    To utilize these, I would assume I need the following (please provide your opinions): As the cubic feet is 20.8 (4x4x6.5 = 104 /5 = 20.8), I dont need much

    1 x GrowBright 4" Inline Fan & Elf Carbon Filter Combo

    - I will also use an inline fan for my ballast.
    - I already have a 6" oscillating fan.
    - I need to find a light proof fan to install at the bottom for air intake.

    Feedback is much appreciated!

  2. still no responses. what a wonderful bunch of people!
  3. i don't understand the question.
    Looks like your setup is straight man.
  4. I am using the same 4X4X6.5 tent. Since my setup is in my garage I just use to small fans. I put one face down for intake and put the other facing up for exhaust and they have worked fine for 3 grows. I thought I would need some intricate setup but since my space is so small as long as I open my tent everynight when I check on the kids I have had no problems
  5. I'd forget about the intake fan and just open the passive flaps in the tent. The 4" combo from HTG supply looks fine, I'm running something close to that with the same fan and filter. I vent from the filter to the light, from the light to the fan and then out. I wish I would have went with the 6" fan and filter combo now though. The 4" works great but I'm thinking of upgrading to a bigger space and it's better to have more air flow then not enough, IMO. I'd recommend the 6" combo from htg if you can afford it, but the 4" will work for your space.
  6. I would run with a 6 intch fan for the extraction with a odor sock and a 4 intch fan for the air in to create negative presure hooked up to fan controlers to quiten them down. This way its a bit more money but it will pay off in the end as your fans will not be working there balls of and will last mutch longer also you can upgrade your light at a later stage if you wont to.
  7. I have a tent that size but it only has an eight inch vent and a two inch vent. will I need to make more holes myself. If so what is the best way to do that and also will a 400 watt Mh\HPS combo light be too much for this tent?
  8. I would say not enough.. a 600 with a cool tube would do wonders in there
  9. I have this grow tent. I am a total noob but think I am getting the hang of everything. I will buy a inline fan when I have the funds or after my first grow if everything goes well and I like it and want to invest.

    I built this in the meantime for under $20.

    Walmart: 12" Black fan 3 speeds.
    Home Depot: 8" - 6" Duct reducer.
    House: Duct Tape

    I takes about 1-2 minutes when my tent is zipped to see the sides starting to cave in from the suction. I have no clue what the CFM is but this things actually blows pretty hard. I was laughing when I was standing a good 6' away and my hair was blowing in the wind. Since a have put a 4' section of non-insulted tubing to the ground so light will not leak in. Eventually I will run it out a window because my room starts to heat up. This would probably work great as a Light cooler if you have a the air cooled hood(Which I also will get at one time). Let me know what you think. Defiantly a cheep quick solution to buy you some time.

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