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  1. sup guys got a couple questions here..
    My room is about 8 feet long, 7 feet wide and 8.5 foot high that im growing in.
    Im splitting this up into 2 sections for veg/flower
    but i dont know what i should do about ventilation.
    Any ideas?
    also for fans blowing at the stems of the flowers what size fans should i be using for those? i dont wanna blow the babys over.
    I have EVERYTHING i need to grow set up in my room except no ventilation.
    Some idea's could be really helpful. Once i get the ventilation set up i can start my grow. I'll be keeping a dope journal updated throughout the grow too :D
    10 black pearl seeds
    10 hindu kush
    10 white russian

    im excited :)

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    nice you got the black pearl? i'm waiting to get my order of those. looks like some fire. and i've heard that the hindu kush is a must have, as well as the white russian. i'm assuming HGS?

    for fans blowing on the plants, just a couple oscilating fans should do nicely. As long as there's plenty of air movement. And of course put em on low when the plants are babies.

    and depending on whether you have a/c and how big your lights are will change how much venting you need. I'm gonna guess you'll have 2 HID lights, and for that you'll probably need a 400+ cfm squirrel cage fan or can-fan for the exhaust and like 200+ cfm for intake.

    Just some rough guesses until some kind of expert can give you a better answer.

    Also if you think of it, you should PM when you start your grow journal. i'll for sure subscribe. i wanna check this out.

  3. don't need to waste money on an intake fan. just cut some holes and line them with some filter material, passive intake. just don't cut corners on exhaust.
  4. Yeah the seeds are from HGS :)
    Yeah i just got a couple house fans around the house.. i guess i'll use those and see how it works haha.
    I'll send u a pm for sure man. I should be up and running within the week
    Depending on when my lights get here! grr :p

    I dont fully understand what u mean by;

    "just cut some holes and line them with some filter material, passive intake. just don't cut corners on exhaust. "

    my trade isnt in ventilation :p im a noobie with venting :p
  5. you have a sealed room as a grow chamber right?
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    basically he's saying don't bother using an intake fan. Just rely on the exhaust fan creating enough of a vacuum in the room that if you cut a hole somewhere and put some kind of filter material over it, air will passively enter the room. Basically when you have a high exhaust the air pressure in the room will be less than the air pressure outside of the room and air will naturally enter the room through the hole.

    This is very true and actually what i'm doing, however it can cause humidity problems. If you have a high exhaust and no intake it will naturally decrease the humidity, which may or may not be ok for you.

    EDIT: oh ya it kinda needs to be a sealed room for that to work properly
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    It is a big walk in closet that im growing in.
    there is no door
    i was gonna just put black plastic for a door and keep all light out
    do i need an intake fan for a room like this?

    Also, do i need a carbon scrubber?

  8. Hello Seenizle!

    I am new to the game too, and nearly at the same stage. But still I think I can help you out a little. First of all CO2 is essential for ANY plant growth and MJ tends to use up CO2 quickly, and also just the CO2 in the area around the leafs, so you got to have an airflow to equip your plants with fresh CO2. Create an air circulation and your plants will have fresh CO2, this is best done by using an outtake fan (set up high in room) and an intake vent (can be passiv, as you read in the posts above), while the best position for the vent is closer to the bottom, this is supporting the air circulation.
    You have to keep in mind that your plants will produce a heavy odeur when in flowering. So it would be very recommendable to use a carbon scrubber, beacuse then there is nothing left of that wonderful smell to attract attention...

    Hope I could help out!

  9. right on man, thanks for the info man.
    an outtake fan is just the same as a normal oscillating fan right? i'll tell you what i was gonna do in my room.. maybe u can give me a couple pointers on how to adjust it;

    I was gonna put a squirlcage fan hanging from the top of my room and run the hose attatched to the fan to outside
    and for fans, i was just gonna use a couple house fans blowing lightly on the stems and gradually turning the speeds up on them.
    for a carbon scrubber.. i will have one either home made or if im to lazy i'll go buy one.. im not gonna have one until 2-3 weeks into veg (hoping i dont need it before then haha.)
    sound good? what should i do to improve ventilation in room?
  10. High again Seenizle!

    An outtake- or exhaustfan is e.g. a squirrelcage fan that you got.
    Your setup sounds alright, but i would really recommend you invest into a real carbon scrubber, because then you are on the safe side when your plants are FLOWERING, believe me they do create a heavy, intense smell, if you ever was in a grow room with flowering plants you would know what I'm talking about ...:yummy:
    One or two oscilating fans in your room (depends on the size) are definetly enough. But make sure to cut at least one vent near the bottom and cover it with filterpaper or something. The outtakefan (in your case a squirrelcage-fan) creates an overpressure in the room so new air is constantly being sucked through your vent. Make sure the vent is smaller then the outtakefan-opening, it helps to keep the humidity low(important during flowering), at appr. 50% is good, i think, you should check it out in some other thread here.
    But if you keep all this in mind your air circulation should be just right!
    Keep me updated on your plants :smoke:


  11. Uhh i forgot to mention: it is essential to seal off the light from your room, so you may want to put a black painted labyrinth box infront of the vent (as I read in a different thread, just can`t remember where....:smoke:) And put duct tape around your squirrelcagefan to cover small holes, etc. .... Thats it...

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