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        So guys I got really bored and decided I'm going to build a stealth grow.  I've got an extra bed room, and
    plan on putting up a wall with a small disguise able door.  I own this house so don't have to worry about
    Landlords or anything noticing the wall.  
       The actual grow room is going to be 5x7 with a small closest i plan on using for small clones and some storage.  I've grown quite a bit of marijuana over the past 10 years but never indoors.  Im using 2 600watt HPS lights by iPower.  My actual question about this build is with my ventilation.
       I was looking into getting a VenTECH 4" or 6" fan with the carbon filter.  Im going to be running the ducting only about 4-6 ft to an exaust vent.  Is the 4" or 6" fan & filter big enough for this size of a grow?  
       The only ones living in my house is my wife and dog.  Unfortunately there would be no way in hell of hiding this from the wife lol.  I'm not as much worried about the smell as much as i am about the heat build up in the summer time.  As lng as the fans filter out a majority of the smell I'll be content. 
       Any advice, tips, ect, will be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I now see the big Ventilation and fan guide sticky!!  haha Mods feel free to delete this post if necessary.  

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