Ventilation - do I need ducting

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  1. I'm owing to use cfl's to grow 2 plants in a closet say 4' by 4' then 8' tall. So will a fan blowing be enough air movement ( & also when I open & close my door & work ) that creates more 02 right? Also what do you suggest for odor control, my rooms ceiling is taped off with sheet plastic & I have odor pucks & plan to get an air purifier. So please just help me where you can I'd appreciate it. Also was planning on using 4 100w daylight , 1 200 daylight , then same amount in soft white to be used in the according times. Should that be sufficient lighting for 2 plants?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Other than light "ambient air" is possibly the most important thing you can do, try a bathroom fan in the cieling and a small vent near the bottom of the room. I would NOT use clear plastic as it could promote mold. you could use MYLAR for about 25 dollars. if you leave that door closed for 8 hrs the humidity and heat will sky rocket and cause a load of problems. good luck bro.
  3. What if I used a larger closet say 12ft long same height and depth, you said cover the ceiling with Mylar , ok doable , plastic was already up but I'll just take that down put up the Mylar , so will heat still be an issue in that big of a space with only 2 plants .
  4. Is what I mentioned above for light too much? Can I do without to deduce issues? But like I said will a 12 foot long 4 feet deep space reduce those factors also. Well thanks bud
  5. I look at a room like a zip lock bag, when I close the door its that tight. the only air in or out of the room is the air I move with the intake/outtake fans, vents or whatever. for a grow with no surprizes you need to get in a position of prevention angaints heat, stale air, humidity,bugs and most of all yourself. so put your time into makin a labatory type enviornment and keep it simple, a black tarp on the floor folded up the wall a touch with mylar on walls and seams taped one vent about 2-3 feet off the ground and a bathroom exhaust fan in the cieling on a timer, small fan runnin constantly in the room and you'll have some controll with temp/humidity and you'll get off to a clean start..
  6. You need to go back to square one and read the grow guides and such. You plants will need fresh air flow, and besides you'll never control odor without a ventilation system. You need an airtight, light-tight space, not plastic sheeting taped in. And on those CFLs, are those actual watts or equivalent watts?

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