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  1. Have a complicated situation requiring ventilation of 4' x 4' x 7' flowering tent lit up with 600 watt HID within utility room measuring 12' 8" x 9' 9" with ceiling 8' one end x 11' on other end giving roughly 1174 cubic feet including space within flowering tent. Room contains vegetative section using numerous CFL's but plan on getting a Bad Boy when bucks available. Room also contains gas boiler for sub flooring heat & hot water as well. Also gas dryer and washer occupy this space. Have 424 CFM 6" fan for exchanging stale air for fresh air with 6" carbon filter in tent. As you can imagine space is at a premium in this room but have 3 shelf riser to place veg. plants on which brings them close to same height depending on size. Currently door not installed but for safety when door installed 6" air inlet required and outlet to vent air outside to provide safety for any gas leak and also to provide garden with continuous fresh air. Carbon filter installed inside tent to filter out impurities, odor, microbes and fungi. My question is how to utilize fan to filter entire room and not draw in excess per will be required or fan will draw in enough cold air to have popcicle plants if not controlled properly! Hahahaha While still being able to keep door closed most of time. Have fan speed controller and one idea I have come up with is using a Y to split duct work and possibly a dampers of some sort to balance airflow going from tent and into room from outside vent. The fan & ductwork is 6" and other vents are available to draw air into tent and filter it there. If anyone has ideas and/or calculations to utilize for this project I would greatly appreciate any feedback. This is the first time I have attempted a project like this. Only have one nice plant budding at present but will soon have a tent full and would like to have house not smell quite so nice! Also it's time for privacy to my "utility" room! Hahahaha. Any ideas or calculations to remedy this situation would be greatly appreciated. I plan on making this main grow area for time being but relative mentioned running water line upstairs which would be expense but upstairs is wide open 14' x 24' area. Lot of work benches, guitars, amps, etc. reside up there but could have hell of a grow room/ tent up there if I went that way and have no boiler, etc. and also have windows as well. All my toys and grow area in one spot....what a dream come true! Hahahaha In meantime utility room is it. Also have privacy and this is key even though this is legal Medical M J grow. If you want to email me direct with info feel free. Peace,

  2. well... for starters.. please don't use bold...

    112 cubic feet in your grow

    336 cfm rated fan for fresh air

    672 cfm rated fan for adding the carbon filter

    you have alot of extra info in your posting that really make it hard to figure out what your asking.... had to read your post two and a half times

    how hot is the air in your grow?
    how hot is the exhaust with the light on?
    can you put a a/c in the room?

    Is the problem with your grow that its running too hot?
    you need to bring cool air into your grow and exhaust the hot air out of the room, not out of the tent.

    don't get fancy with Y adapters... just run your exhaust out of your room and into the attic or even another room to lower your temps... you can just push hot air around in the same room a expect temps to be low... this is why most people with hot grow spaces duct air into the attic... to completely remove hot air from their space...

    were gonna need alot more info than the story you gave...

    its fine if there's all kind of other heating elements in your grow room, but its not ok if you trying to use that rooms air... your going to have to draft air from another room with cooler air, or get an ac in there to cool things off... like a window unit or a small floor ac...

    take some pics... maybe someone will see a way to help you out
  3. Thanks for reply. Situation is as attic, no windows, have large gas boiler which for safety needs vent to outside for safety when door closed. Door not installed as yet. Temps without fan & filter running ( just oscillating fans is in 80's when hot. Now it is cooling off and it gets -30F in winter here. Just got fan & filter and planning best way to ventilate whole room and tent. Thinking of louvered door to pull fresh air into room and vent to outside. Botanist at grow shop said 6" fan & filter would do the trick. Want to be able to close door for privacy. Vents going into tent should filter room. Hope this clears up some of explanation. Don't really want to have outside vent for passive input so considering the louvered door instead. Don't need a/c now as it's fall. Hope this helps some. Do have on other possible outlet. Do have drain on floor to setic tank to use as outlet. Can't think of anything else at present. Thanks greatly!

  4. someone else posted on the forum about venting threw that tube that the water heater uses... they advised unless you know what your doing to not to do that... it had something to do with air flow and a Y pipe... its only less that three week old post.. start looking

    i realize your grow room is 80 degrees but is this with grow lights on? might wanna check that out... i cant really picture louvered doors with a grow room.... sounds like there would be alot of air leaking
  5. Hi,
    Yeah that's with HID on but I just recently got fan & filter and am working out what would e best position to place filter. Tent is in far right rear corner of room....only spot where it will fit. My idea of using Y was to leave one part of Y open to room to draw in air from rest of room by venturi effect created by fan blowing into other side of Y and then this would be vented outside. That was why I thought of this solution with damper to create smaller opening thus creating greater negative pressure to open side of Y. Not plannig on hooking into boiler flue but thanks for tip on other post. I'll search for it. The more I deal with this I like my son in law's idea to move operation upstairs. He says he would run water pipe up from kitchen sink as hauling water as well as plants, soil,etc. upstairs would be a real bugger. But I can't even get him to finish my siding job I already paid him for! Hahahaha So when would H2O pipe be installed? 2018? Upstairs is 14' x 24' and is going to be music room, guitar workshop, wife's jewelry workshop, etc. but would be tons of room for growing but privacy for grow area. The last issue of louvered door was to be method of drawing fresh air from house so outside inlet not needed to keep that sub-zero air out. Maybe all of my ideas are bunk but sooner or later something will click and work. Probably the most simple will be what wil work. Hahhahaha Hey...thanks for all your ideas and feedback! Appreciate it very much!
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    Here is a design for my next grow room build. I'm about to order the WYE or T connections as I'm unsure which will work better. (I have the tabs open to buy the T or WYE lol) I would rather ask in here before wasting $ & trial and error hurt my pocket. I will probably (no $) divide the area with a wall and light proof vent but for now its one room. Everything in the diagram I have already except the WYE or T for the ductwork. Also I have a 24" rechargeable carbon filter for the end of the exhaust which is going outside and will look like a dryer vent ( I ran dryer vent in a different spot in a hidden spot so only the one shows. My intake will come in through a soffit vent.
    I would like for anyone to point out the flaws and how things could be better. I also planned on mounting my ballasts as close to the exhaust as possible even possibly putting a 90' bend on the exhaust so I can keep the ballast near the ceiling. I built a 2x4 cage inside the room that has a 3" air mass all the way around it including the floor so from a FLIR it will be same temp as rest of place.
    Thanks for the input

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