Ventilation & CO2 questions

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  1. So I'm taking an old dresser and I'm going to "hollow" it out to make a grow box.

    Anyways, my two concerns are ventilation and CO2. I think I might drill ventilation intake and exhaust holes in the back. Would that be efficient enough w/a couple fans.

    Also, is it completely necessary to dispense CO2 near the plant? If so then what do you think would be the easiest way to do it?
  2. co2 isn't necessary but it can increase yield. an easy homemade way to do it is get some dry active yeast from the grocery store, make some room temp sugar water and add the yeast in a bottle that you can set in the grow. the yeast eats the sugar or w/e and the bi-product is co2. and intake/exhaust is pretty important, don't just make that a maybe.

  3. would spraying the plants with carbonated water also work?
  4. i've heard that's also a good way to get co2 to your plants. never done it myself. i would suppose that the sugar water/yeast bottle would be cheaper than buying carbonated water, and you wouldn't have to spray your plants, just set the bottle in the cab. but yeah, i'm sure carbonated water would get co2 to your plants, but i don't know which is more effective to be honest.
  5. I was at lowes earlier and i saw a co2 tank for like 20-30 bucks. I think it was like 20 gallon or something. My space is 72x40x54, could i use this and if so, what other parts would I need to purchase?

  6. my best advise would be to check out a hydro supply online and look at the parts they sell for co2. that'd probably give you an idea of what you'd need for a tank. more of an idea than i could give you.
  7. thanks bro...appreciate it
  8. sorry, i didnt mean i might use ventilation. i just meant i might drill the holes unless i found an easier way. dont get me wrong, im deffinately going to ventilate it properly.

    so does it matter how much sugar?and do i have to put the cup close to the plant or just anywhere in the cab?

    btw, i asked about the co2 tanks for the bb guns, the little ones, nobody answered. but i got to thinking they come out really cold, even the big ones. i would think that if sprayed too close to the plant it would kill or atleast damage it
  9. i think the co2 tank would only need a regulator, a house, and possible one of thouse spray spouts they use in the shops to blow dirt off of engines. im sure thatd be enough and u can get a cheap regulator at lowes for like 20-30 bucks

  10. the more sugar, the more the yeast has to feed from. im pretty sure that you can't over do it with the sugar. and when i heard about that method i was told to try and put it up above the plants somewhere because co2 is heavier than air and will sink to the bottom of your grow. so if its up higher than your plants it'll sink onto them. i've been thinking about getting some aquarium hose and drilling a hole in a bottle cap, then running the hose from the bottle to the top of the grow and putting a bunch of holes in the hose that's attached to the ceiling of the grow.
  11. and i probably wouldn't bother with the little co2 tanks if only for the fact that it's probably not even enough co2 to make it worth the time.
  12. what do you guys think about putting carbonated water or yeast water and sugar in a humidifier. then putting the humidifier in the room and changing the contents once a day.
  13. @greenacres
    thats interesting, id like to see what ppl say to taht too
  14. Has anyone here every actually tried the yeast and sugar method? If so how many PPMs would it maintain and how often would you need to change the contents of the bottle?
  15. oh yeah and if anyone has a solid link for a how-to on the yeast and sugar, let me know!
    Thanks so much
  16. i heard about the yeast/sugar water method on another forum, but it's not working right now so i can't post the link for you guys. it's probably something that would only be effective in a smaller grow. and one of the guys on the other forum said he would put a balloon and poke a hole in it with a needle, then put it on top of the bottle of the mixture. since the co2 is a gas that's escaping the bottle the balloon partially inflates when co2 is being produced. when the balloon deflates no more co2 is being produced. and i'm pretty sure you wouldn't have to change the whole mixture, but just add more sugar for the yeast to feed on.
  17. Sounds pretty simple. Thanks for the tip. Do you think that would be sufficient for a 3x3 grow?
  18. If you are constantly exhauting you air yeast and sugar generation method of co2 is a waste of time.
  19. so if i have adequate air flow then co2 distribution isnt necessary at all?

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