Ventilation, closed loop, cool hood question (fan size)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wh33ls, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Hi
    I'm in the beginning stages of constructing a grow room for my house, I have a question if anyone can help

    I'm wanting to use two 1000w hps and a 600 hps all with cool hoods ducted in a closed loop series (about 12 -15 feet in length) and then the dry vented air pushed into another room so I can use this heat for my home..

    I'll be pushing air from outside through the lights in a straight line, one 90 degree up and then its vented.

    I've read that through each 1000w the temp will increase 6-7 degrees, after the 2nd 1000w it may be 33 degrees c headed into the 600w...

    1) is this okay? To feed 33c air to a 600w to cool it?

    2) what size fan should be used to cool 3 lights in series? About 15 feet of ducting

    Right now I have a 6" fan 400+ cfm (i cant exactly remember the number and if its cfm or cfm) and a cool hood with 6" flanges, I could buy or make a 8" to 6" reducer if needed... or a more powerful 6" fan

    Hope my question is worded properly, ty very much for any opinions or suggestions

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