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  1. Hey everyone i have 2-2x4 veg tents and a 5x5 flower tent. I want to run 6" ducting thru a filter and my 600w MH, a 4" outlet duct of the two 2x4 tents.
    Is the 1 6" enough to cool the 5x5 thru a filter or will i need another to exhaust the tent
    I can run filters out of each 2x4 and will the 1 4" @ 170 cfm be enough?

    I dont want to put anu holes in my ceiling, or having to put 4 exhaust ducts out of a window (single story house), so i was thinkin of building a "hot box" and sending all the hot air into that, and have the exhaust out a single duct out the window. (Also put ona solution in it to kill the smell before going outside.

    Will this get too hot and raise temps in my already hot room?

    I did this all backwards and have plants getting fried (high 80s).

    At the end of the day will i need a window ac?

    Thanks guys
  2. Would this work also with a window ac unit rigged inside its own box, blowing cool air to the tents, and exhausting its own hot air to the other hot box?

    thoughts please. I have strains overheating as we type

    I asked the guy at the hydro store, and he said it would be a good idea, but I may run into issues with the a/c in a box and air pressure. Would that turn the a/c off before cooling the tents?
  3. Put in a window ac vent the cold air to a tube running to the bottom of your box. Then vent all hot air into the room the box is in

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