Ventilation and lighting questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GodlikeGerbil, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. I dont know where to start so here it goes. the dimensions of my grow box (well cupboard) are roughly 42cm x 115cm x 38cm and im looking to grow only 1 plant for now.

    Ventilation: Is a exhaust fan more important than an intake fan if so would 1 exhaust fan 20cm in diameter be enough in this size of a growbox?

    Lighting: Im defently going the hps route and im thinking of using a Son-T Agro bulb because of the added blue spectrum but the only wattage i could find is 400w do u think this will be to much for a growspace of this size? and do u think this is a good choice of light?

    these are my questions but any general advice on lighting or especially ventilation would be greatly appreciated as im very much still learning

    cheers guys and girls
    Peace :smoke:
  2. So a footprint of approximatey 16x16 inches and just under 4 feet high? A 400w will bake that space like an oven. A 150w HPS is about all that space can handle without a cool tube. Even that may be too hot, you may need to step down to a 70w HPS or go all CFL.

    If you have only one fan definitely make it an exhaust rather than intake. Can't tell you if that one fan you have will work, depends on heat more than anything.
  3. yeh thats the footprint alrite.. so 400w defently too hot and 150w still might bake em.. if i was to get another fan what should i do with it? also does anyone know anything about skunk#1 cos there the seeds i got and was wondering if anyone knew if they carried on growing into the flowering cycle cos there sativa/indica hybrids

  4. Indicas, sativas, and hybrids of the two grow through a vegetative stage and a flowering stage. That includes skunks. You need to modify the lighting schedule and lighting spectrum to trigger the flower cycle.

    As for the extra fan, personally I would use it to pull on a second exhaust hole.

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