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vented vs nonvented lights large sealed grow room

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by kickxlover, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I plan on running 4 1000 watt hps lights in a sealed grow room 10'x12' and was wondering if I should vent or go bare bulb? I plan on running co2 n I heard even with the glass covers over the light it still takes air out of the room if u vent them. N if I go bare bulb will my 12000 btu minisplit system be enough to cool the lights or will I need to buy a bigger Ac? I only want to buy a bigger Ac if absolutely necessary
  2. This is gonna COST you bigtime, consider renting out the veg room as a sauna, you may make more than growing
  3. If you do not aircool your bulbs you will have to get a bigger split unit, 12 thousand BTU is just not enough for 4-1000 watt lights hanging bare bulb. Air cooled you might have a chance, depending on the ambient temperature within your area. As far as your air within your room escaping through your hoods, depends on the quality of your hood.
  4. vostock r u telling me people do not make money when going bare bulb? im positive i can control the heat if i get an 18000 btu ac r u saying that my electrical cost will be too great? please elaborate because there are plenty of people that go bare bulb and dont vent the room using more lights than i plan on using. And i dont think the sarcasm is necessary i am asking serious questions here and expect serious answers thank you
  5. i just calculated 20 hrs of continuous usage with a 1800 btu ac (2kwh) at 20 cents an hour(peak rates) and it only came out to 240 a month are you saying that this is not worth it if you can get a better yield and better bud? have u done grows of this size and had this problem? i am aware of the monthly electrical cost or i wouldnt be starting a 4000 watt grow how much do you think my energy will run me a month with everything in the grow room?

  6. 10'x12' or 3x4 yard or meter I'd go by dividing the space to 2 5'x6' or 1.5x2 yard or meter, one side for veg the other bud, veg side will be 2x 400w Mh the other bud side 2x 600w HPS, both linked to an active vent extract system with carbon scrubber, with negative pressure into both rooms, should supply enough fresh air to do without the costly and marginal Co2.
    C02 is great but is difficult to manage and is costly, I believe there is enough c02 in fresh air and should you supply enough fresh air as part of extracting heat, then C02 is free.
    The vegging room should about 25% of the total grow space but thats in theory you gotta work in there also do clones and maintain a mother should you wish.
    2x 600w Hps is enough space under to grow 9 plants per 600w Hps a total of 18, with the 600w you get the bulb closer less heat, easier to work, less bills.

    I prefer not to use a reflector but hang the bulb vertically and close, but is easy to singe the leaf tips, and needs adjusting daily.

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    i also heard that optimal temps for running co2 is between 80-85 degrees will my 1200 btu ac be enough to get it down that level? i am also going to buy a chiller will the combo of a chiller and ac work?
  8. Chiller? You mean the the water cooled ice boxes for hoods??? Please save yourself and do not go that route. Water lines all over the ceiling, water near hps lights, etc. Terrible invention.

    Plenty of people run bare lights. You spend more on ac and less on fans, silencers, ozones, filters and ducting, sort of evens out if you do it from the start.

    Doing a sealed room costs more, no question. The only reason to do sealed is for co2, which is an additional cost. Ultimately exhausting is a quicker easier way to cool lights. You can still do a sealed room, just use melonhead reflectors since they dont leak at all and seal around the holes for the ducting with silicone, through and through.
  9. no i am doing hydroponics i meant a chiller for my 100 gallon reservoir probably 1/4 or bigger wud the chiller plus my 12000 btu ac be enough cuz i heard u need higher temps in order to run co2 ne way so the temp of my room wont need to be all that low right?

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