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  1. Hey everyone, I just recently purchased a grow tent and i dont want to start my next grow op until i have my ventilation system setup. i have three four inch computer fans, two of which will have to be hooked up to carbon filters. can anyone post ther setup or tell me how i can do mine please. i need some ideas. i was thinking of using dryer vent tubes or something like that. i dont mind buying other fans i just need to know what kind and how to set them up. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  2. Your computer fans wont be able to create enough of a vortex to effectively pull air through the carbon filter. Home Depot sells 4'' inline duct fans for $25.00 (precrimped, just have to attach dryer hose and clamps.)
  3. ok thanks. do you know were i can get a cheap filter maybe?
  4. oh yea maybe i should add that my tent is 16" wide 16" deep 42" tall...please help!
  5. i have a queston..would it be possible to hook up my exhaust to my intake?? but still have a carbon scrubber?? it would be like this....vortex fan(outake)//carbon scrubber//dryer vent hose//inline duct booster(intake)...please reply i really wanna know if this would work.or maybe im crazy??
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    i have a tent that size from growlab. inside, i have a 6" clip-on circulating air. from there, im exhasuting with a 6" 180 cfm duct fan. it moves a lot of air.

    what kind of lighting setup are you planning on running? that will greatly influence temps and circ/vent issues.

    i have 3 clones in mine right now, just veggin away under 150hps. it smells a little plant-y, but i havent needed a filter yet. i found 5"x6" square carbon filters at target, 4pack like 12 bucks. prolly going to fashion it right over the end of my duct fan. a grow op that size shouldnt need anything bigger/more elaborate. shit, i hope for my own sake! haha

    hope this helps.
  7. hey thanks for running over 150 watts of cfls so im not worried about the temps. do you think i even need and intake?
  8. from my experience with the small tent, keeping the passive vents at the bottom of the tent open works fine.

    i bet you could get away without much of an exhaust, but would have to get creative for scrubbing the air. search GC forums, i bet someone else has a cfl setup in a small space with a scrubber.

    try this experiment...
    -roll a blunt
    -smoke the blunt (yay)
    -with the fans on, blow the smoke near the vent ports. if you have good ventilation, the smoke should flow quickly and smoothly into the tent.
  9. do you think the smell will escape through the bottom vents?? keep in mind im gonna have an exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber.
  10. i dont know from experience (first grow in this tent), but i think u should b ok. i would think that the constant sucking from the intake would prevent smells from going in the opposite direction of the airflow. imo.

    heres a small cab setup. im not sure if this grower has a scrubber, ull have to check thru the thread. u might be able to get a few ideas from here -->
  11. not much space in there...getting creative with a DIY scrubber?

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