ventalation for my 1.2x1.2x2.0 tent

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  1. hi
    im a bit confused about what i need to ventalate my tent. can some one please give me a list of exactly what i need for my tent im running a 400whps light. also if you know any silent products that do this that would help me to.
  2. Make a diy carbon filter or buy one.
  3. thanks do u know anywhere i can get the silent ones as tent is in my room and dont want a loud fan
  4. you just need a powerful enough exhaust that can pull in air as an intake.. my setup has some leaks so I need to have an intake fan.. but I rigged it over the plants so it can keep everybody cool..

    if your dementions are 1.2ft x 1.2ft by 2ft
    thats a really small ass space for a 400w hps. like fuckin wow small..
    I can easly out grow a 4ft tall full closet with my 600w without even trying.

    the kit your talking about should do the trick. but just make sure you have enough vertical room.

    this says you need about 150 cfm
    Fan and filter calc

    But thats minimum.........
    With a filter you may need more cfm..
    My temps raise when I plugin my filter.
    I only use my filter in late flower..

    Silent is kinda hard to find.. But if you connect bopth sides of the fan to ducting.. usually its not that bad... sound wise
  5. thanks pal alot of help i been getting really confused on what i need to get to keep my tent ventalated
  6. more air is better.. you really want to keep it as breasy as you can in there
    my setup I have 2 wall fans a 6in exhaust and 4in intake.. It can still get a bit hot in there at 600w. and I have like 70cf..
    good luck brotha
  7. its only 2 ft tall? you wont have room for a plant after u hang a 400 and get some pots in there.. bad idea unless 2 ft is a typo
  8. nah 2 metres tall pal

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