Vent using Bathroom Exhaust?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Howie Mandella, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. I just read this on another post and would work perfect for my situation. Can anyone give of an Idea of how you would do this? What I would need? Will this fix odor issues I May have down the Road. Something tells me ONA Gel rocks won't be enough.
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    It won't fix your smell issues, it'd just exhaust it into the attic where smell wouldn't be such an issue. The best way to take care of odors is a carbon filter or an ONA gel filter system.

    A carbon filter seems more common than ona gel. You can get a carbon filter setup for like 100-120 bucks. Invest in a carbon filter, it's as important as lights, soil, and a PH pen. It's a must have in my opinion.

  3. I vent through my bathroom exhaust vent (it does not empty into the attic, but through the roof).

    You just need a "Y" adapter.

    I run a Vortex 4" on a speed control at the exit.

    That puts negative pressure on the bathroom also, so it is always dry.

    Depending on how high the exhaust vent is, you might be able to get away with no odor control as over 24' the smell mixes pretty well with the air and gets diluted enough.

    I am talking about small (6 plants?) grows, but it also depends on how stinky the strain you're growing is.
  4. I see you've never put up an exhaust vent for a bathroom. Most of them vent up through the roof to the outside. See these cylindrical shaped vents on the tops of houses and buildings.....yeah, it's for shitty air.

  5. You are correct that a properly installed bathroom fan will vent to sky, however many fans are installed incorrectly. You should check to make sure your bath fan is ducted to a roof jack, if not you want to do this ASAP.

    You do not want to vent anything into the attic. Moist air is really bad for your roof deck and it can rot if you vent into the attic. It also makes your insulation less effective.

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