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    Hey GC.. So i have 9 plants in different stages of life.. and I need to know how to properly vent my grow tent..

    I have a 32x32x62 grow tent with a 4" inline fan pulling the air out of the 600w HPS light and into the carbon filter exhausting outside the tent.

    I have a 4" ducting running from the air conditioner vent into the grow tent

    but my temps are still at 85-87 degrees? (with the grow tent half open)

    What should I do to fix the temp problems?

    Also, what's the humidity level supposed to be at?
  2. What type of lamp is your 600w bulb in and what type of 4" fan are you using?
  3. Is your tent indoors or outdoors? I had the problem of heat and had to buy a window unit a/c to keep my temps down
  4. Can u run an A/C, 400 watt and 200 watt fan on the same circuit?
  5. Depends on how big the window unit is... I'm no electrician so I Cant say for sure but you could run an extension cord to the Ac from another circuit. Are your light air cooled?
  6. It's a 600 watt cool tube .. I'm not sure about the fan but I can provide links.. The tent is in a closet indoors
  7. If you're pulling fresh cool air in through your cool tube and venting it out and its still that high you either need a stronger inline fan or the ambient temperature around your tent is too high. Trying cooling down the room your tent is in. Window AC unit ^_^
  8. whats your temps like when lights are off? once that 4 inch fan has been connected to a filter the cfm will drop alot, with a cool shade your temps should be no hotter than 10 degrees higher than lights off.
  9. Cool tubes usually require a 6" fan.

    I use a 6" Vortex on a speed control for lamp cooling on my cooltube.

    I use a 4" Vortex on a speed control for stink.

    Treat your heat and stink as separate issues and you will be better off.
  10. The temps with the lights off are in the low 70's.. The temps right now have been at 87-90 degrees consistent..

    I think thats what I might have to do.. I will probably just invest in a 6" fan..

    Any other ideas? I just want my temps to stay consistently cool

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