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    Today seems like a good day to smoke. I go out, roll a j, smoke half, and grab some munchies. I come home and head to my room; more like sanctuary.

    I am just about to dig in when my bro barges in, demanding "where his snacks are?!" and why I didn't drive his ass to get some, either. I let him know that he's over 300lbs and could use the walk. He leaves and then runs back upstairs but i held the doorknob and we basically tug-of-war the door open and closed.

    My younger brother is 19 and still acts like a disrespectful, tactless, 14-year-old. I just want to munch and tune out in peace. Is that so much to ask? (rhetorical question)

    edit: I should mention he's 6'5", but that's still a big fucker!
  2. Hahah fat Slobs are nasty I used to be one till i stop being a lazy fat 365 fuk.. horrible days back then just give.him some scooby snacks
  3. Haha, or maybe doobie snacks would calm him down.
  4. Lol tell him to lose some weight and get some pussy and then worry about his snacks.
  5. That's fucked man id be pist
  6. Throw him a salad and hold the dressin then tie him behide ya car. Run Forest Run!
  7. Good ideas, let's keep 'em flowing.
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv5fYWy3H9Q&feature=related]Family Guy - Evil Stewie kills Kool Aid man - YouTube[/ame]

  9. What a Dick. Next time buy him some low calories snacks, see if he gets the hint.;)
  10. Dam foreal how do people even let themselves get THAT big like dam it makes the u.s look bad when countries have crazy problems and we have shit like this people starve and here ppl die from eating too much he needs a reality check.He probly eats enough to feed a whole family in Africa, ppl like this are kind of a waste of space imo like fuck man it realy pisses me off.

  11. Shoulda just got the fatty a bag of chips or some shit and then you wouldn't have to worry about his obnoxious ass and u could chomp in peace

  12. na dog thatd be egging him on... hed get baked and want food even more
  13. lol no doobie
    snacks for him or there will be nomore food
  14. Just go all nuts on him one day out of the blue. Just beat the living shit out of him in passing and that'll solve your problems. He won't fuck with you ever again.
  15. [quote name='"Klauck"']lol no doobie
    snacks for him or there will be nomore food[/quote]

    Lol right?
  16. Tell him you're not going to help him continue to kill himself, and that if he needs junk food that bad he can walk to the store.

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