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Venom Pick Up from Cali

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bugmenotplease, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Just got this, dealer called it Venom... worth the $100 a 1/4 I paid?

  2. looks pretty good.. is it a little damp?
    i'd probably throw out 50 for an 8th of that
  3. a bit steep for purple beasters but it really depends on where you live. I pay $70 an eight and people think im crazy, w/e lol.
  4. Yeah, it's quite moist. He talked it up we will see in a couple hours
  5. Looks nice. A lil leafy, but still looks like some yummy smoke. As for if it's worth the 100 you spent on it... That depends mostly on where you live, and who you know.
  6. Ive never purchased purple before but Id pay $100 for that.
  7. That stuff is pretty purple looks like a good pickup im guessing your from the US cuz 100$ 1/4 is alot for stuff in Canada. For stuff like that id usually pay 50-70 a 1/4 usually closer to 70 especially in the winter. Make sure to message back and tell us how the bud was but looks like a good pickup.
  8. Just because weed is purple doesn't make it any better than normal bud. Actually, purple coloring is often the signs of cold growing conditions, which causes certain nutrients to not able to be absorbed by the plant (causing the purple coloration).

    @ OP... We can't really tell you if it was worth the cost. If you like the buds, and how they smoke, and how high they get you - then it was prolly worth it. If you feel like the quality wasn't quite where it should be for that much money, then it wasn't.

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