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  1. So this is my second ever grow and wanted to see what everyone's thoughts are. These girls are from seeds I got from a bud who gave me bud (haha) that had pollinated itself, So if i know correctly that means these are feminized seeds. working in a hot environment due to the tent being in the garage. Temps range from 70°f-95°f. Im doing my best to have contant airflow and humidity arounf 50%. Light schedule is 16/8 under 300 true watt light.

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  2. They will most likely be females if found in a bag of dank these days. I can't imagine any sane grower would leave a male in their flower chamber, it should most likely be all female lovin' going on. And if your friend says it pollinated itself, then yeah......

    You can flip them to flower for a short while, sex them when you see the signs, cull the males if there are any, then revert back to 16/8. Top them, or LST them once they start vegging again and you should have rather bushy plants by the time you're ready to flower them again.

    But I think odds are you're gonna get all or at least mostly females. I haven't seen a male from a random bag of seeds in ages. Actually I could count on one hand how many true males I have ever seen. I've always ever used either clones, femmed seeds, or bagseed. Virtually no dangly bits other than the occasionaI hermaphrodite.

    They look like they are pretty happy, good job.
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