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  1. I am not a Christian. I am not a Jew. I am not a budist. I am not an atheist. I am me. It is hard to describe what i am. I know not what lies ahead for me in the after life. Do you? Is there an after life? Is there a god? Is any religion right? Who knows. My view is that there is a higher being out there. I believe that there is a higher being. If this being is god, budah(I'm sorry i don't know much about this religion), or whom or what ever it,they,him,she may be i believe that we do have a soul. No religion could be absolutely right because we are not perfect.

    I was brought up roman catholic. I can see many fault in this writing and in the catholic society. Such as what happens in the bible from Jesus age of 16 to 35 i believe it is. The bible was written by man. How do we know that something was not added in there to benifit one or ones self?Enough on that subject.

    I believe and have found many others with the same view. I do not know what is out there nor will I,you, or any one until they die or maybe not even then. I believe in living my life every day to the best of my abilities to be as true and as "good" as i can be.

    (sorry if this is a little spaced my mind races on the subject)

    Also The USA is one of the most religious country's but yet has the highest crime rate. Japan one of the most non religious countrys has the lowest crime rate
  2. I can tell you how I found understanding in all of this, how I do know what is out there for me (can't speak for anyone else) but I won't explain the feelings- only tell you how I got there.

    Either by yourself or with people you really, really trust and respect- take some acid or shrooms, smoke some weed, and do some nitrous oxide. Some MDMA too helps a lot, but it's hard to find all at once.

    If you can't get all those drugs together- smoke some weed and get some boxes of whip-its (n2O, nitrous oxide) sit by yourself and just do one after another.

    Ask yourself these questions you have about your religious standpoint while you are doing it. Be conscious of what you want to understand and focus on it. The truth was revealed to me in this way. It helped when I was on all the other drugs to see even more crazy shit and know things I just shouldn't know a lot though.

    But the key is to focus on what you want to understand while you are doing whip-its. You will see shit and crazy things happen. What you will get out of it I do not know, but I know it has been a turning point in my life. Have fun and I hope you reach the understanding of yourself you want!
  3. I think you'll find alot of us here have similar beliefs Dankness, myself included. Life is about finding your own meaning. You dont need drugs to do this, althought they certainly can help, its about asking questions. This forum helps alot.
  4. If you don't want to try the drugs route or the drugs do not give you the answer you are looking for, the only thing that will from my experience is reasoning and meditation. I should have said that in my previous post- drugs are not the answer, it just did the biz for me. I hope you find your way however you choose though :D

  5. Actually, Japan has a pretty bad crime rate as well.
    Granted, its not nearly as bad as the United State's crime rate though.

    Im going to go to japan sometime.

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