Veins/stems turning purple /red

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  1. Hi guys,
    My plants seem to be doing ok other than like all of the stems and some veins of the leafs are starting to turn a purple color. Along with the leaves just having a lighter shade to them. I have three different strain and they are all showing the same thing more or less. Can someone point me in the right direction. I use some calmag but not every feeding. When I do add it it’s only about 4ml per gallon. Last feeding I skipped it because I was going to alternate calmag and silica blast. Total ppm’s are 650. Plain tap water is 140ppm. Feeding everyday Canna Coco nutes with Canna coco. Currently getting 25k Lux of light at canopy using three out of four 315w phantom cmh. Room temps are 75-80 RH 55/65
    Any ideas.

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  2. I also have three stardawg that are starting to show white hairs on 18/6 light cycle??
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  3. How old? Purple veins is usually a loaded soil or pH deal.

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  4. I’ve had them for 15 days. They were probably two weeks old when I got them
  5. What is your watering/feeding frequency
    You don't need to add cal mag to Canna nutes, unless you were having a problem. Also your coco will perform best if you feed the same mix every time and any adjustments should be made slowly. Just add your silica supplement to the Canna line and that should be good if you see a deficiency just raise your ppm. Of course none of this will work if you are not watering at least once a day twice is better.
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  6. Are they autos cause that is about the time I would expect to see them if that's the case
  7. Watering/feeding once a day and they’re drinking it up. Not autos at all. The guy I got them from has three strains and Stardawg is not an auto. Idk we’ll see what it does. Here is a pic of one leaf that has something going on. Which I thought looked like some kind of slight deficiency. Some of the leaves have almost a leathery texture. Most are soft but a few have the rough leaves.

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  8. Almost looks like led light burn
    Idk I'm not good at deficiencys. Canna nutes were good to me. Are you using the full line
  9. Yeah using it all. Only AB base, plus Rhizotonic, and Cannazyme right now though
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  10. [QUOTE = "GeraldsFinest, gönderi: 24812927, üye: 1084743"] Merhaba arkadaşlar,
    Bitkilerim, tüm gövdelerden farklı olarak tamam yapıyor gibi gözüküyor ve yapraklardaki bazı damarlar mor renge dönmeye başlıyor. Yaprakları ile birlikte sadece onlara daha açık bir gölge olması. Üç farklı türüm var ve hepsi aynı şeyi az ya da çok gösteriyorlar. Birisi beni doğru yöne işaret edebilir mi? Biraz calmag kullanıyorum ama her beslenmeyi değil. Bunu eklediğimde galon başına sadece 4ml. Son besleme atladım çünkü alternatif calmag ve silis patlamasını değiştirecektim. Toplam ppm'ler 650'dir. Düz musluk suyu 140 ppm'dir. Her gün Canna Coco nute Canna koko ile besleme. Şu anda dört 315w fantom cmh'den üçünü kullanarak gölgelikte 25k Lux ışık alıyor. Oda sıcaklığı 75-80 RH 55/65
    Herhangi bir fikir.[/QUOTE]

    If too much phosphorus is given, the stems will become purple,
    or genetics. I raised such a genetics.

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