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vegtible steamers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skinhead zack, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. someone told me if you put your herb in a vegtible steamer it will get 4X as big. sound like bullshit to me, can anyone conferm this?
  2. This has nothing to do with the question, b/c i dont know the answer, but your name is skinhead? your a nazi?
  3. Uh, wouldn't a vegetable steamer just add a lot of moisture and water to the bud? It doesn't even matter if it makes the bud get bigger -- you can't smoke anything but dried bud.
  4. ya thats some scandalous stuff to do... but ya a veggie steamer is just gonna add water

  5. Not if you don't use only water. You can add other ingredients into the water before you steam the weed, like cinnamon, or garlic or whatever smell you like. Then after you've dried it out again, you'll have faint whisps of the ingredients you steamed with the weed when you smoke it. Not everyone likes it that way, though.

    But like I always say...
  6. That's how a lot of dealers make "Blueberry" and "Orange Cush", just a shiesty way to do it.
  7. I know what a sharp is, your name just says into bands such as the adicts, the casualties, bad religion, leftover crack, dead kennedys, etc. Skinheads all look the same though,, so it would be hard to tell if you were a sharp or not. im just a oi kid.
  8. pointless.... the hot steam would decrease the amount of thc..... thus, giving you a weaker high and most likey some harsher tasting budds.....

    generally, i find that drying it out more..... gives you a stronger high as well as bigger hits.... :)
    thats just me though...
  9. hey, skinhead zack...i have an idea..take it or leave it, but i think you should add that link you put up into your sig!! That way no one has the common misconception! in thinking mode...............i dont know why........i dont........smoke weed or anything...


    Ps-oh, and sorry i dont have anything to add to the steamer...i would just prefer the age old and proven method of slow curing!
  10. OK. Here is the deal.
    Steaming will not make the bud any stronger or weaker.
    THC is oil & alcohol soluble, but not water soluble.
    It WILL make the weed smoother because the harsh shit
    (Chlorophyll) will dissolve in the water and when it is redried,
    there will be less green so the smoke will be less harsh.

    This is called a 'water cure' and it really works.
    If I get some harsh green schwag, I just soak and dry it a couple of times and it is mo'better.

  11. After 10 replies (this is the 11th), we still haven't answered your question. The closest I can come is knowing that by steaming dry weed, there will be some absorption of the water by the weed, making the weed appear bigger. I was going to compare the process to 'water-weight-gain' in women during 'that time', but I was afraid the women would get hostile. Instead, think of a sponge, one of the old kind that were really flat when you bought them, then when you put them in water they would bloat up to their full size. It would be the same principle with weed. But 4 times as big is something that I can't personally confirm.

    But like I always say...

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