Vegitive limit???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrowingMacGyver, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I always wondered if you kept a plant in the vegitive state and didn't change the lights over to 12-12 if it would just keep growing. I've always thought about starting one in like October, inside, grew it untill late may or whenever you plant outdoors, transplant and let grow all grow season. Just wondering if this would end up working out???
  2. Most likely. It'd be a monster though, under the right conditions.

    Give it a shot and let us know :D
  3. yes you can keep a plant in veg for as long as you want so long as it is kept healthy. this is how growers keep mother plants from which clones are cut. so yes, you're plan should work out just fine.

    but why not start growing your mother plant right now (as you suggested), but instead just take clones from it all winter and get a couple harvests in before spring, at which time you can transplant the mother plant outdoors, and let it grow all season while you smoke your harvests from the winter?
  4. I am def. going to try this out as soon as I move, and that sounds like a very productive plan. Haven't ever messed w/ cloning, though I heard its very simple. Plan on eventually seeing pictures of a weed tree!!! Thank you for the constructive feedback.
  5. I would keep it as a mother plant and cut clones off of her. Do a search for Rumpleforeskins "let's build a clone machine" Great tutorial on how to build it, operate it and "have fish for life".

  6. Or why not get a lot of clones going, and keep some for the summer, some some, and keep the mother plant... for next year? :D

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