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vegitative stage for max yeild

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Dirty, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. how long should i have my plants on 24 hr. vegitative stage for max yeilds? or how tall should they be?
  2. im not sure but it will be atleast 3 mo. but u can make your plants as big as u want them with training, topping, or n e other techquniqes. your call but its realy whenever you wwant to put them into flowering and how much time u spend on them.
  3. like Adum say's it depends on how tall you want them grow.......if i were you, i'd grow them till they approx 1/3 of the space that i had, and then flower them, but not before they were 12" tall.........hope that helps you..........Peace out..........Sid
  4. I wouldn't have a plant on any 24/7 veg period. I say go with 18/6 for veg. For how long? At a minimum until the seventh leaf node has fully developed, then you can trigger flowering.
  5. I had my last grow on a 24/7 vegetative cycle and it was sweet as ... made the plants grow fast and healthy ... Ive found nothing wrong with a 24/7 cycle ... also , if you vegetate them for 3 months, expect to have real big plants ... it all comes down to how much room you have ... if you take your final vegetative size and times it by about 2 you will roughly have your final size (this is from what I have personally found) ...
  6. i am still very new to this but i have read, read, and read this forum and looked at www.overgrow.com also. if i am not mistaken, it is less stressful on plants to be on 18/6 than 24/0. more stress = higher chances of having a male plant. hope i am not telling you something that isn't right, but i know i read that either here or at overgrow. hope it is of some help.
  7. it's a debate that growers have been argueing over for some time.....but after doing both, i'd say 18/6 is better, as the plant needs to get rid of toxins through the leaves, and this is done during the night......i.e. darkness..........Peace out.......Sid
  8. i had my plant on a 24/0 light cycle then changed it bcuz i heard is etter on an 18/6 cycl.. my plants seem to be doing a lil better and it also seems the stem got stronger..

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