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  1. i just recently started my first indoor grow. I went with the white widow from the bcseedking. I know that the flowering process is 8-9 weeks but how long is the vegitation process take? Should i just wait till they show signs of sex before i switch to 12/12?

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  2. Vegging is a big variable. A few folks start their seeds on 12/12 and never really veg. I recently read a post from someone who had vegged his huge plants for over a year! Me? I wait until the plants are beginning to show alternate spacing of the leaves- when they stop growing in pairs. Then I take a sex clone, put the clone under 12/12, while the topped plant sends out new side branches and gets nicely bushy under 24/7. after the males show, they are killed, while the females get transplanted into larger pots.

    It really just depends on how big of a plant you want! A longer veg period means a bigger plant and more bud. The height of your growing area also can factor into your vegging time.

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  3. well i have a 4x4 7 feet tall grow space w/ mylar and 400 watt hps/mh i started 6 plants non feminized hoping to get atleast 3 female im going to top/fim 2-4 times and i plan on doing scrog. wish me luck im a first timer. if u have any sugestions please let me know.:D

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