Veging and flowering?

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  1. How do i know when my plant is flowering or veging? There are also brown spots all over my leaves so I'm not sure what to do about that either.
  2. veg and flowering cycles are controlled by the grower. for vegging, the light cycle must be at least 18 hours on and 6 off (18/6). some growers do 24 light cycles for vegging because the theory is that plants dont necessarily need to "sleep" and can use that time to grow bigger, faster. flowering is defined as 12/12 cycle or less with 12/12 being the norm indoor.

    the difference between the two is that during vegetative growth, the plant focuses on producing leaves and stems where as in the flowering stage, the plant switches to focusing on bud production. this is possible because MJ produces a chemical called phytochrome that when reaching a certain level inside the plant, triggers it into flowering. crossing that threshold tells the MJ (an annual in non-tropical climates) that winter/death is nearing and focus needs to be placed on getting the next generation going and ready before the first frost. phytochrome is how a plant tells what time it is and what part of the growing season it is.

    with that said you can manipulate phytochrome levels to regenerate a plant after a harvest. regeneration is a great way to get more bang for your buck because instead of starting from scratch, the plant picks up where it left off thinking it miraculously survived the winter and its spring again. regeneration is an advanced topic but not difficult.

    youll have to post pics of the brown spots because it can be a myriad of aliments, or at the very least describe your issue in much greater detail.
  3. yeah, i'll post pics in a min. my light cycle for the plant is currently set to go on at 7 Am and it goes off at 1 Am
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    Is my plant flowering? or is it veging? I don't know the difference in what they look like. I noticed small white hairs growing from the stems about 3-4 weeks ago and they are just getting longer. Is this flowering?

  5. yes, those white hairs are called preflowers, your plant is in flowering mode. its how you sex a plant. two long white hairs coming from the nodes are female. small groupings of sac-like (balls) growths at the nodes are male pollen sacs. preflowers wont show until its been about a few weeks into flowering.
  6. Great thank you! Im pretty sure it's a female!
  7. photo (2).JPG
    Sorry for shitty cam quality

    photo (1).JPG
    This is female, right?
  8. photo.JPG
    Also, is the purple on the stems normal?

    photo (3).JPG
  9. yep thats a female right there. grats on her!! take care of her and shell deliver some sweet stinky sticky buds in another couple months.
  10. purple is normal on some strains can also be caused from a lack or phosphorus this is not likely cause ur plant is not budding hard yet purple can also come form cold temps and just plain genetics....however i did notice maybe a mag def starting check ur ph make sure it isnt to low maybe add lime to ur mix from now on to keep ur ph in check little rust spots on ur leafs are a sure sign of ph problem and when u have a low ph or a ph that fluxs u can lockout mag and cal this will cause those spots and the yellowing on ur bottom leafs
  11. So, I have read these posts and was wondering how the harvest ended up?

    I am a "some-what" seasoned grower BUT still have plenty to learn. You sounded pretty "green behind the ears" not to be critical, and there were so many ways to screw up if you over analize "growing weed".

    Even with all these super hybrids, its still a weed, and grows like 1 completely on its own. All it wants is a warm well lighted place and some yummy water with some vitamins in it and it gives you a use-able product.

    Good luck and look forward to the up date.
  12. photo (5).JPG
    So this has been the PH for as long as I've been testing it.

    photo (4).JPG

    \I baught this a few weeks ago when i first noticed the PH was low. I didnt know really what to do with this so i put a spoonfull in a glass and stirred it up. then poured some in a shot glass and gave it to the plant. idk if that helped, doubt it

    And if "green behind the ears" means i have no idea what the fuck im doing, then u nailed it :D

  13. what vitamins would u reccomend. Im looking for something really simple like just something i add to my water that will help the plant. I really don't want to transplant it.
  14. photo (8).JPG

    photo (7).JPG

    photo (6).JPG
    So will i get any results by giving this to my plants or am i doin it wrong?

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