Vegi Indoor Greenhouse LED Grow (Tangilope Sugar Mango Ryder)

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    Hey Guys,

    After my first attempts failed and a bit of a hiatus, I've decided to give this growing malarkey one more try. Instead of overcomplicating it like last time I thought I'd keep it simple instead. So here goes...


    With not being satisfied with my PC Micro Grow I decided to purchase a cheap mini greenhouse from eBay. Bigger than my PC case with everything in but still compact and small enough for me to keep it quite stealthy.

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    I'm currently using two fans for the exhaust; one aimed at the LED lights to keep them cool while also drawing in air from surroundings and one right at the top. I have two inlets, one on the bottom right with the ducting and a large inlet to the bottom left. I have a 4" fan also re-circulating the air to keep it moving.

    View attachment 147422

    The LED is a 75W rated UFO but in reality is a 50W light. I'm happy with it and for the budget and size I'm going for it really does work well.


    So with overcomplicating it last time and I think trying to run before walking; I've gone with a simple 50/50 mix of sowing & cutting compost and perlite.

    Grow Medium

    I still would like to keep this grow as organic and vegan/vegi friendly as possible and rather than do the soil and amendments from scratch have instead decided to use the Canna Bio range; Vega, Flores and Boost.


    Here's the two I've gone for;
    • World of Seeds Sugar Mango Ryder
    • DNA Genetic Seeds Tangilope
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    Grows been good so far (crosses fingers), the Tangilope is growing a lot quicker than the SMR. I've had consistent temps of 25-26C and humidity ranges between 45/50%

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    Hoping to keep this updated fairly regulated, but yeah, gimme a shout for any questions or queries and any recommendations/advice would be hugely appreciated.

  2. Hey guys, does anyone know if my plants are a bit too close to my light?
  3. Day 14
    Ave. Temps: 24.9 - 25.5 C
    Ave. Hum: 47-51%
    Nutes: Bio Canna Vega
    Stage: Vegging
    Strain - Tangilope
    View attachment 147634
    This ones doing really well and has exploded, she looks the keener of the two
    Strain - Sugar Mango Ryder (Auto)
    View attachment 147633
    This ones the runt of the two, not sure why she is the stage she is, but I'm gonna continue with her, has a few brown marks on the two bigger fan leaves and not quite sure what that means; nute burn?
    Two together comparison;
    View attachment 147632
    Anyone know if this is good growth for 14 straight days? Also, when should I start to transplant into a bigger container?
    Much appreciated
  4. Day 17
    \nAve. Temps: 26 C
    Ave. Hum: 47-51%
    Nutes: Bio Canna Vega
    Stage: Vegging
    \nStrain - Tangilope
    \nOK so my Tangilope has now reached 3 nodes, much bigger than my other plant and seems to be doing OK. Does anyone know if 3 nodes is now OK to LST?
    \n View attachment 147742
    View attachment 147741
    Strain - Sugar Mango Ryder
    This is still quite small, it has just about reached 3 nodes but I'm not quite sure why she's still quite small?
    Also, the lowest node branches have some sort of issue but this hasn't reached any of the other node leaves.
    View attachment 147739
    View attachment 147738
    View attachment 147740
  5. Finally transplanted over the weekend. Also decided it was time to start to LST as it had reached about 3 nodes and thought the stem is only going to get less bendy.
    Day 21
    \nAve. Temps: 24.8 C
    Ave. Hum: 47-48%
    Nutes: Bio Canna Vega
    Stage: Vegging
    \nStrain - Tangilope
    \nSo this one is the bigger and started to have an issue with the first two lower leaves, no idea, but is it likely to be Nute burn? None of the newer leaves seem to be affected.
    \n View attachment 147801
    Also, noticed the lower node branches have started new growth, is this a good thing? (Can see the tiny shoots at the base of those leaves)
    View attachment 147802
    Strain - Sugar Mango Ryder
    This one is doing better. Started to LST this one as well. The brown spots aren't on the newer leaves so again, hoping this was an issue early on in the grow. Will keep a watch out and see if it comes back.
    <div> View attachment 147800
    View attachment 147799

    And finally here's the two ladies side by side.
    View attachment 147798
    </div>Really falling in  :wub:  with my plants!!!
  6. I love watching my plants, lol. Could watch them all day!
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  7. You should check into transplanting them into larger pots. At least 2 gallons
  8. What are you using for air circulation?
  9. Cheers bud, I think that maybe why they're so small but I'm afraid to do so as I only just transplanted into these ones.
    Had a traumatic day yesterday, well, my plants did more so, lol, as I snapped the Tangilope, but have placed the snapped top in some cutting soil to see if it'll carry on.
    I have two exhaust PC fans and a small 4" fan at the bottom for circulation. Seems alot better than before.
    I'll get some pics up of the snapped Tangilope
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  10. OK, so I managed to snap my stem of the Tangilope from attempting to LST. Was using a fancy toothpick to lock the stem in place, unknowing the inside of the pick was sharp and slicing in as the plant grew and tried to push up.
    Serves me right for trying to be clever! Here's it with its separate top;
    View attachment 147878
    Here's a close up of the broken stem;
    View attachment 147880
    However, weirdly, its now caused two separate new shoot locations, anyone know if this is a good thing?
    View attachment 147879
    Also, here's the sad looking top. It does look like its just lying on soil but I can assure you there's a very short stem I've tried to bury, lol
    View attachment 147881

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  11. Day 27
    \nAve. Temps: 23.0 C
    Ave. Hum: 55%
    Nutes: Bio Canna Vega
    Stage: Vegetation
    \nSo it's unbelievably good weather here for a November so its playing a bit of yoyo with my temps, but overall still within my optimum range.
    \nWas away for a few days so leaving the ladies alone kinda felt weird, bit like leaving your kids home alone, lol.
    \nStrain - Sugar Mango Ryder
    \nSo this is doing well and I came back to find she'd sprouted hairs already, not sure what that means at this stage for an Auto.
    \n View attachment 147972
    Here's a close up, you can just about see the hairs...
    View attachment 147971
    Strain - Tangilope
    This is doing surprisingly well considering the trauma last week, the four new growth sites have started to get bigger
    View attachment 147975
    View attachment 147973
    The severed top still hasn't wilted and died, I can only imagine its doing something below the surface growing roots? Not really hoping for much as I've written her off, so anything which she grows from here on out would be a bonus!
    View attachment 147974
    Oh, both plants were pretty dry upon my return so thought it be best to transplant. I'm glad I did as when I removed both had roots growing against the edge and could have been rootbound pretty soon.
    Healthy white roots, which I'm happy with!
    View attachment 147976
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    If she has hairs and is an auto.. She's already began her flowering process and you can no longer transplant her. You should try and get some stretch out of her now. Also try to keep humidity below 60% as anything above that can cause mold during flowering
  13. Ah OK, thanks GH, glad I did it when I did then.
    How can I get some more stretch? LST?
    Yeah the 55% humidity is the highest I've seen tbh but I guess that's because of the 2 0.5Gal containers fully loaded.
    Hoping it'll drop back to the 45% or so I've been seeing.
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  14. To get more stretch you can move your light up higher. This causes the plants to stretch for the light.
  15. Oh, how do I now start phasing in the flower nutes?

    Ah OK. Yeah she's a bit lower. I have a middle level in my greenhouse so couldn't really place anything below these pots
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  16. That I do not know the answer to lol. As I am all organic and don't use flower nutes. I just use bio weed and tappin roots plus molasses.

    What's your soil?
  17. Cutting soil and Perlite.
    After the last debacle of various ingredients, I thought I'd keep it simple this time.
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  18. Anyone know if the reason my plants are so small is because I used small pots and transplanted at the wrong time?
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    When dealing with autos you always want to start them in their final pot. As transplanting autos causes stress and time to heal from that stress which autos already only have a short veg period.

    That's a reason yours are smaller.

    Also try and use a gallon for each month you plan to have them growing. So say veg one month and flower for month and a half, you would need 2-3 gallon pots
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    Ah shucks dude!
    Thanks, I'll know for next time. All still pretty new for me, but learning from you guys helps loads!
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