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Vegging under 11w CFL

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by satellte, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Have a small plant I have topped & it's growing very well & showing no signs of stretching, my question is if I were to add more light, would it grow faster ?

    I know it seems like a question that needs no answer as 99% of growers will say more light = more growth, but as my plant isn't stretching then I'm guessing it's not crying out for light.

    My 11w CFL is 6400k and is on 24/7 if I were to add more CFLs then would I see the difference ?

    Thanks all.
  2. You would think it would grow faster but i'm not positive. i would use like 2- 3, 26 watt CFL or florescent from Lowes and put it on 18/6 with a light timer.
  3. Yes, the more available light a plant has the faster it can grow and the healthier it will be (Too much light is bad but you'll be hard pressed to provide too much light to a plant.) I would get at least 50w to veg that thing and at least 100w to flower it.
  4. Pics or gtfo
  5. i had a 2 week old under 1 45w cfl then i added another and it shot up
  6. It could be not stretching because it does not have the energy to do that.
    Ive kept a plant in veg for 5 months with a single used 27watt cfl light bulb. With so little light it never stretched, it never grew. It just was.

    Than I flowered her, reverted to veg and now shes about 4 feet tall about 3 feet wide with 4 nice colas (it branched out/topped by itself after I put her back into veg after flower)

    So I would say yes, you can grow in veg under that light. If you try to flower you will get nothing.

    Planter pot size will play a role just as much as light source. If you get a bigger pot, it should grow. More light with that bigger pot it should grow much better.

    So to surmize through my rambling.......
    Yes it will veg with that light. It wont flower.
    If your pot size is small, your plant will be small.
    It may not be stretching because it has no more room to grow or because the light source it has is just enough to keep it going.

    You may also run into the problem (if your pot is small) that the plant can only sustain the upper half of itself and the bottom half will just keep dieing off.
  7. Thank you so much for all your replies people I'll get some pics up soon

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