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  1. there a veg state : flower state time ratio? in simpler terms does the length of time i can flower for depend on how long I vegged for?

    I want a good yeild as well...i take it the longer i flower the more buds will grow? or does the plant reach it's yeild limit based on size (height)? or some other factor?

    anyways if anyone can answer my questions please do! thanks
  2. Well all plants have a certain limit to bud that they can produce. And yes your yield will depend on your veg time, and mostly on how many sites you have and if you FIM it or not. Alot of things can factor into your yield. There isn't really a veg to flowering time ratio either. It depends highly on your strain and conditions. Just go with when it looks best.
    Hope that helps.
  3. pretty much all the flowering times vary based on strain with indicas being in more of an 8 week range and the sativas being more towards 9-10 weeks+. Best bet for vegging if you have the area to do it is just allow the plant to fully mature and you will start to see preflowers in week 5-7 of veg but me personally I veg for about 8 weeks exactly from seed. Clones are a different story and can be vegged for half that time with the same result if not better. Another indicator of mature plants is alternating internodes. Once you have identified sex and it is indeed shooting out the hairs of a female rather than the ball sacs of a male and the alternating nodes are present and the plant is at a size where you can manage it getting 2-3 times bigger than you go ahead and begin your 12/12 cycle. Best way to determine readiness is to get a 30x microscope and check out the trichomes and depending on what you like you might harvest early when most are clear but IMO not recommended because you kill your yield that way and with some sativas can cause a very high anxiety and paranoia causing buzz. Mostly cloudy and you are getting to the sweet spot where the most THC is present. Amber is when THC starts to degrade so I tend to harvest when 90 to 95% are cloudy or with sativas I can let them go longer and wait for the first appearances of amber trichomes to signal my plants readiness. Harvesting tops first and letting the bottom finish is also beneficial in allowing the smaller buds to get a chance to finish out with a little more light to themselves which can only do good for the final product. Hope this helps clear anything up.

  4. I couldn't have said it, any better. Bravo, Good Sir
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    How big are your plants once you've vegged them for 8 weeks and how big a container do you use?

    I veg for 2-3 weeks from clones and I do so in beer cups under a 1000w MH on a mover. Veg ime will really depend on how much space you have to flower in. If I had unlimited space I would probably veg my plants for 4-5 weeks from clones and top them twice during that time.
  6. I use 3 gallon nursery pots or as of late 3 gallon grow bags. I go from solo cup to 2 liter to 3 gallon. The plant size in general is I would say about 2 feet or so wide and about a foot tall as I LST them like mad so they become gnarly bushes rather than looking like x-mas trees. When the budsites finally started to show I was counting about 28-36 budsites per plant and obviously that isn't exactly scientific but I figure hey each budsit should do at least a gram and some will do way more so my goal is to hit 3 ounces in a 3 gallon which isn't too hard and I have done it before but now really starting to dial things in so who knows it might be more. Kali Mist is the strain I am running and have been for quite awhile I love it!!!
  7. Veg as long as you want. But the longer you veg the bigger plant you start with going into 12/12 so the more yield. Techniques like topping, fimming, LST, and scrog can also greatly increase your yield, especially for an indoor grow.

    Flower time is set largely by genetics. Once you get it rolling in flower mode it will mature when it is ready to, whether that is on your personal timetable or not.

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