Vegging time?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrprickleypete, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone, Some I'm thinking about switching my babies into flowering. The thing is, I've only been vegging a bit over a month, however because I've learned so much from when I started (this is my first grow) that I basically want to start over with some killer seeds now. (these are just seeds from good weed I had). Anyways, what do you all think, I believe I have 1 sativa and the rest look like Indica. Should I just start flowering?

    It would nice to start tomorrow, that way I won't forget the date.

  2. u got seeds from good weed? damn musta been a lucky batch, sure go ahead and flower if u think ur plants big enough, and you will be satisfied with the yeild but im just a newb at this whole growing this so i would just listen to me.

    <--------------thats my baby

    ur fellow grower

  3. Unless the genetics you're growing now are crap, I would grow out what you have as long as you can. The longer you veg the better your yield will be.

    Sounds like you went into this grow at least in part as a learning experience, so keep learning. You will be very glad you gave this grow an extra couple of weeks when this one is over, and there will be plenty of time later to get your next grow going. 10% more time could result in 30-50% more yield. Bonus: you'll do better on that next grow with the extra learning from this one.

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