Vegging/Sexing Questions from Intermediate Grower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ganja Ganja, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I'm on my third grow op now, with two successful DWC's in the past 2 years. Both ran guerilla style so I wiped everything out after harvest. This time I am looking for perpetual growth and continuing harvests, and thus I have a few seemingly beginner questions:

    1. Re-Vegging

    After harvesting the better portion of the plant and leaving the plants stalk with a few branches, If I was to induce vegging again how much time would I be saving on the next harvest vs. starting over again from a clone? Is this appropriate for maximum yield/quality?

    2. Sexing

    What is the most convenient way to grow to a point of sex determination? What I mean is that I don't want to start off my germinated seeds in the DWC like I have in the past, because it often leads to a male plant which means me ripping out the DWC, flushing, and starting over.

    I would rather grow my germinating seeds in a small soil container until its sex shows itself save any females as mother plants. Any recommendations on minimum setups to get to the sex-stage? Can I get there while growing in a solo cup, or am I going to need something larger?

    Thanks! :smoke:
  2. Any thoughts? I have a handful of clones in rapid rooters, i doubt i'll be able to tell their sex while they are still in the rapid rooters, what medium is best to put them in until I can determine sex?

    I don't want to stick them in DWC until I know the sex like above, is it worth waiting for a motherplant to veg and clone off her? I wanna get started already! :p
  3. Ok so after some more research on the forums I've reached the hypothesis that I can temporarily flower a plant in beginning veg stages to see its sex, and the re-veg it. Am I wrong?

    If I'm not wrong, how early could I pull the temporary flower, could I do it while still in the small rapid rooter nursery? Excuse my blunders if I'm wrong.
  4. I learned to Flower clones leaving mothers in veg and when sex shows on clones you know what the plants in veg are. Please step forth if I am wrong ?:wave:
  5. 1. Re-vegging would take longer than starting from a clone.
    2. You could try rock wool cubes, I keep my plants in 4" cubes until sex is shown in the vegetative stage and then transfer the whole thing to my setup in my flowering room.
  6. So will some correct me or let me know if I'm correct. If you take a clone from a mother and place it into flowering will this not let you know the sex of your mothers ?

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