Vegging outside: how late in season?

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  1. How late in the season can you veg plants outside? I’m at about the 42 parallel.

    I have some plants that have been vegging outside for 6 weeks or so. I thought I was going to have to bring them inside getting into August cuz I thought they would start flowering, but they are still vegging well. How much longer can I leave them out there before it is more beneficial to bring them inside into 18 hours of artificial light?

  2. seedlings or clones?

    Clones begin flowering by the 1st or 2nd week of August. seedlings are always a few weeks "late", up to 4 :(

    these started budding August 12. btw I'm along the same latitude

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  3. If i was going to get a late start...I would continue growing them outside until the colder temps get here in october. then bring them in to finish them ( if theye dont stretch too tall). Or, start bringing them in at night???
  4. Clones. They are probably about 2’ high now. So basically you’re saying they could start flowering at any time then? Maybe I should get them inside. I don’t want them to transition yet.
  5. your call. personally I wouldnt delay them further if it can be helped.

    its impossible to match the benefits of sun. if you purposely delay them they wont do as well outside.

    also keep in mind 2' now means there gona be pushing up or around double that height when they do flower.
  6. Well I just took a close look at them again and they are actually starting to show the first signs of flowering. So, moving them inside right now for more vegging I suppose may not be the best option. I could keep them outside for the first part of flower, maybe a month more, and then bring them inside to finish for the last month.

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