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  1. most plants have a guide on flowering time lets say 48 days.

    What would happen if you used a large plant pot and then left the plant in veg for 4 or 5 months until she was very bushy and then turned to flowering. Would you get more bud
    or is it kind of pointless?
  2. Yes, you would get a lot more bud, you will get proportionately as much.
  3. Theoretically that would work, but....

    After 5 months of vegging the plant would need a helluva lot of root volume (the plant above the ground can't get any bigger than the plant below the ground can support). So you would need at least a 20 gallon container IMO.

    You also would have to do this indoors -- if you tried it outdoors the plant would start flowering from the cues it gets from the sun, which you can't control.

  4. I second that. Did it in 5 gallon buckets outdoors a whole season and i have excellent colas, but the rest is just stretch. Wasted energy.
  5. Its all about proportionality. Leave a plant vegging for along time will ofcourse make bigger buds but instead, i recommend vegging for a month, taking clones and vegging them

  6. The biggest problem is just dealing with a plant that size. Big plants are much more work. I have a few plants in my flowering room that are in 16 quart pots of soil, and are six feet tall and bushy as hell. Large, tall plants are very likely to break if not well supported, and they generally require a lot of staking and tying up limbs that sag to the floor under the weight of the buds. I like to grow fairly big plants, but this run is getting to be a bit much.

    Also, I agree with the guy who said it is tough to veg that long in soil without regular flushing to prevent pH lock out.
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    You could get twice as much ;) Leave it veg for 6 months.
  8. for scrogs i veg about promote lots of budsites...just growin out....14 day to a month depending on i want the plant to thing is side by side but in this case.not gonna bet....plant can sometimes triple in size in flower...get your plant where you want it ..then figure 3 times as big after flower...not explainin' this very well..maybe this helps...peace deacon:smoke:
  9. I usually veg for 2 - 3 weeks or until the plant reaches 6 inches.
    but i would like to get her a little bit bushy first.

    I am going to have a space for clones and then a flowering room.

    I do not want to much extra work. The first several times i harvested it took a few hours
    this time i think it will take even longer but if i had twice the bush and bud i think it would take forever and a day to harvest
  10. I vegged my current clones for almost 3 months. Got 2 plants taking up a 2x4ft space in scrog about a month into flower.

    Got 5.5oz last time veggin 37 days w/ one plant. This time I'm hoping for 10 w/ 2 plants and almost 90 days veg. (secretly I'm hoping for alot more, but 10 will make me very, very happy).

    Check it out in my sig. I'll be posting a harvest/smoke report sometime in the next 6-7 weeks!!
  11. Nice grow i would like to do hydro but i feel intimidated by it.

    my plants basically take care of them selves all i got to do is keep the room right and keep them fed and watered but i just believe that hydro is not for noobs?
  12. This is only my 3rd grow ever. All 3 hydro.

    Add 8ml gh flora micro, and 16ml gh flora bloom per gallon of water. Adjust ph, check it every day or so. If everything goes wrong, drain it, clean it, start over w/ fresh water.

    Pretty easy man. Pretty easy.......
  13. I will have to try is soon. I think it will help cure my soil problem as every time i buy soil ig et fungus gnats :devious:
  14. That's how I got em. I wanted to keep two mothers to take clones from, so I just went and got a bag of unfertilized soil, within a week those bastards were everywhere. I just threw it all away.
  15. I dont throw them away because those fungus gnats are harmless.
    My plant killed them all when they got stuck to the resin and then i picked them off :D
    also sand cures the problem
    planet of hard garden grade sand around the top of the soil it suffocates the suckers so they cant lay eggs down there

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