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vegging 24-7

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by oganic-4ever, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. I have noticed in many of the threads and posts that i read over the entire net that MANY people feel that leaving the lights on on your indoor grow for 24/7 is beneficial during vegetative growth. This is very far from the truth, I will adress a few of the reasons in very simple terms so that any one can comprehend them and put them to use today!!!!

    1. Most importantly and foremost is the plants health. We will put this very simply, imagine this scenario: God does not allow your eyes to close (not at all) for 4-5weeks, no sleep, you are deprived of food and water, and are in the middle of the dessert, you are allowed just enough water and food to survive this time, then all of a sudden, you are in complete darkness for 50% of your day and are filled up with food and water. Think you might be a little bit stressed out, uncomfortable at the very least. I get the feeling that there are some folks from LA up in here, well you all have seen tweakers, is this what you want your plant to go through? Plants require sleep just like us, 18/6 allows the plant to transspire (sweat out unneeded nutes and water) through the leaves, this is a very nessecary function in photosynthersis (how a plant makes food from light and water) . If the plant is in light 24/7 and is not allowed rest time nutrient uptake is cut nearly 75%. This can lead to salt build up, burn, and even death.

    2. Electricity. If that last bit does not convince you how about this, you can cut your electric bill 25% while creating better plants. Rather than $30 a month to run 800 watts and getting 30 oz for $120 worth of electric you get it for $94 that is a new light, or paying for your bulbs after one year (you are suppossed to change HID bulbs once a year).

    3. The thing that most of you reading this are concerned with... YEILD. The whole deal with growing inside is that you are God you control all for your plants. And trying to immitate nature is a big order. Plants (of any kind) have a certain criteria to get max yeild and one of those criteria is stress, if the plant is streessed at an early age, it will concentrate so hard on surviving the harsh conditions that fruiting or flowering fall by the wayside. I will promise any of you flowering under 24 cut to 18/6 and you will 2X your yeild.

    There is my two cents on light timing, I hope you are getting something from reading my stuff, i have more goodies, if you would like to hear more let me know and what about.
  2. however 24 hours a day is needed for clones, and has been proven to be beneficial, a lot of growers know that they will get a healthier plant and a higher yield for having it on 18/6, but i wouldn't say 2x as much.........a lot of growers just do it for speed......i can clone and have the light on 24/0 for approx 20-25 days and then flower, never using 18/6, and have an entire grow finished in 75-80 days..........however with it on 18/6 it runs into approx 90 days...........depends on how fast you need the i agree with you about the 18/6, and i grow my own on 18/6 as i'm not in a hurry, but i guess it's just personal prefrence, and i like a good debate,,,,lol.........happy growing.............Peace out........Sid
  3. i agree 24 hrs needed for the clones, they themselves have a lot to go through. but i do also agree on the 18/6 period. but still a lot of people are in it for speed, and that would mean they are not growing for themselves, there most likely for a profit.
  4. Well if anyone is interested, I have lab grade trials done in AU in regards to the 18/6 24/0 cycles, and the results are exactly as we all expected, none!!!! LOL The plants on 24-yeild about 30% less, and were 2x as likely to aquire rust and P. The amount of electricity to the yeild was 35% lower on 24/0 and hermis were increased 3 to 1 due to stess of going 24/0 to 12/12. this guy is at the forefront of the grow scene and is a VERY reliable resource, any one interested let me know.
  5. wasn't someone gonna sticky this?

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