Vegging 2 mothers for 3 months, Can i take 50 clones at once?

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  1. Hi guys, well, I've got two mothers under a 400w mh in an autopot verm/perlite mix. I'll be vegging them for 3 months (starting from seed - 2 tents, starting and flower plants in another tent, while i grow my mothers from seed in clone/mother tent, ready to start cycle of the next grow) 
    So would it be feasible to get 25 of each plant after 3 months growing? i will be topping and maybe some slight lst.? Or should i add another 2 mothers? As i need 50 clones at once for sog in an ebb and flow 4x4.
    From what i've already read it seems doable, some say need more. Really just needing some clarification, that would be a big help to help rest my mind for now lol.
    Thanks for any help guys.

  2. Oh yeah for sure

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  3. Thank you for the reply holy reefer.
    So just stick with the 2 mothers and call it a day?
  4. That's feasible if they grow healthy and strong. If you have any delays or issues that cause stunting or slow growth it may take longer. If it's your first go, I'd try 3 of them just to be safe, but if you know what you're doing, 2 will be more than enough.
  5. My mother's were started November 27th and could give 20 clones each today and I already took some a few weeks ago...
    so for sure
  6. Thanks for everyone's input, Much appreciated! 

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