Veggin' out in Portland, Or.

Discussion in 'General' started by nhazein420, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. What's going on my fellow tokers? In Portland til Monday. I've ridden around the Northwest (Thurman thru W. Burnside). Shopped around Downtown. Got my hands on a piece and about 1.5gs of dankkkkk for less than 20 dollars. I'm out here from Boston, Ma. Everyone here is so damn nice and easy going which is anything but the norm in Beantown. And the ladies are both gorgeous and forward out here. I've been given and also asked for my number many times. I'm sure the Boston accent helps. So what I ask of Grasscity is; Where are some great local places (food, women, drinks, morning life, night life, etc)?

    Enjoy your night peeps.
  2. West coast, best coast! ;)
  3. I'm not super into the nightlife and stuff...but have you been to Voodoo Donuts? You might want to pay it a visit and try some weird ass donuts. Make sure to smoke some of dat green. Be prepared for a line.
  4. I was there about a week ago. In Portland, there's this really cool Chinese garden you might wanna check that out. Washington Park has this Japanese garden that is so peaceful, I left feeling extremely relaxed. In WA Park there's also an arboretum that's pretty cool, you can also do some hiking there.

    I wanted to get some Voodoo Donuts but the line was too damn long. There's also this breakfast place/bistro that's really good, it's called "Mother's Bistro & Bar." They have these french toasts there made from challah bread and dipped in corn flakes to make it crunchy, it was delicious. They also make some mean pancakes. There's also this place called "Harvest Grain" and they make some good ass bread, in case you want to spend $5 on a loaf of bread. Regardless, that bread is worth it.

    Those are my recommendations. Have fun dude.
  5. Check out the ohm it's an awesome dance place. 3 stories tall.

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