Vegged midflower and now reflowering

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  1. Hi everyone im new to growing as this is my 1st exciting time. So i have a 5 footer outdoor Big Bud plant. It had started flowering in June and in beggining of July it started to veg about4 to 5 weeks into flowering. It did this for 2 weeks.. So i decided to put her back into flowering by covering her up after 12hrs of light as it is summer here in socal. Started flowering no hermy thank god. My question is do i leave all the old red-pistil buds on the plant and wait until the new white-pistol buds mature? Do i keep flowering it? Im confused on what to do at this point. The majority of the leaves on the plant are now the 3-leaf veg type now...
  2. just keep on doing what you are doing

    covering up after 12 hours/ light depo does work

    water well and forget the rest

    leave both red and white pistols alone!

    good luck
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  3. This literally happened to a buddy of mine too. I gave him an extra plant and told him to at least put a Christmas light around it but didnt (early May). It ended up flowering then week 5 it started to reveg with those weird leaves. He's leaving the older bud alone and letting the newer stuff grow on top. Went into flower right away days started tapering downward
  4. So in that case did he just wait till the white ones turned orange or how did he know when to harvest. My plant looks weird right now with all the veg leaves on. Hardly looks like the plants in the magazines growing. Mine is all in small patches. Ill send some pics.
  5. I have no idea man but I know exactly what you're trying to figure out. Basically what you're asking is, if the whole 8 week process started all over or if the plant will remember where it left off and continue to finish
  6. Yes exactly! Lol
  7. I'm guessing somewhere in the middle. I doubt it'll start all over but I also doubt it'll remember where it left off lol. And if it does start all over then I wonder if thats a trick to increase yield.
  8. Well i just hope it fills up on the stems like a normal flowering plant gets. Mine have popcorn like buds. Im hoping the new growth fills in the space.. ill keep doing it till end of august and see how it goes.. imma also look at the resin with a jewelrers loop to see if theyre amber.
  9. Im also afraid the buds on there now end up rotting overtime as the new buds mature.
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  10. I now know what i did wrong. I didnt know about the 12/12hrs before. I forced it to flower early when the outside isnt in that light timing. So then i stopped covering it and of course naturally it revegged because of long summer daylight. So pretty much i probably will have to keep covering it for another 8 to 10 weeks or till the end of september when daylight gets shorter.. i should have let it revegged and topped it to make it grow wider before it reflowered again naturally.. less work that way. Now im screwed lol.

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