Vegg cycle left lights off after 12 HELP!!

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  1. So my issue is this is not my first time doing this I did an error like 2-3 times in a row now, my thing is will my plant in vegg hermaphrodite or does this only happen while the plant is in flower, which the lights cycle shouldn't be messed with with, I'm not 100% sure if that would also apply with a vegging plant, as I have exceeded the 12/12 light cycle which I intend to leave in vegging for a while its still a few weeks old, I had no intention of flowering ATM help!?? :/
  2. If you want your plant to stay in veg, it needs more than 12 hours of light. 18-20 is most common but you can go as far as leaving lights on 24 hours a day in veg.
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  3. Light is not the problem in this case, Im just worried i must've tricked it to switch to flower, after leaving the lights off over 12 I must've over slepted and shut down my timer last night, this happened like a few times!??
  4. Reason for this happening, is I usually eat food inside my grow room I know thats a no no, in the 10 growing commandments but hey it is what it is, so anyways what I do when I'm I that case is I usually shut down my operation area timer switch to off, and so later on when Im all done with that I forget to turn it back on and it messes with my plants cycle??
  5. So are they flowering? If not, i would just leave the lights on 24 hours or switch to like a 20/4 schedule until your ready to flower
  6. Get a timer man. No reason not to eat with the plants.
  7. I think you misunderstanding my post @JOEBLOW, what I meant to say is, will my plant be just fine or will I have hermaphrodite issues later on for messing with the lights earlier in vegging cycle time?!
  8. If it herms later on, it wont be because of this. If you were messing up the lights shortly before flowering, maybe. But as long as you stop messing up, you should be fine.
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  9. "But as long as you stop messing up, you should be fine" so its a possibility in vegging, or is it not be clear with your statement please thanks :)
  10. How long until you flower these plants? Giving them a fucked up light cycle and then tossing them into flower; sure you might have issues. But if you stop messing up for at least a couple weeks, what happened will have no affect on whether or not they herm. But they might herm for a variety of other reasons.
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  11. Ok thanks, and no I will only have this problem as you say if I stop and put my head in the game and not the other place lol, I have to be more mindfull as I would like good results out of my final product, but you know how it is sometimes ones real life seems more productive already, and sometimes we forget we have a plant to take care of and look over! :)
  12. well i do everything manually never use a timer unless i am gone a couple days if this is your first grow just set an alarm on your phone too! good luck you should be fine for now How about a picture
  13. What he's trying to say in very basic terms is that ur plant should be just fine, unless u have left lights off over 12 hours multiple days in a row(which yes will trigger flower if a few days straight). BUT if uve done it once here and there than u will be fine..not saying ur plant won't possibly herm later down the road from something else..cause it does happen..but just try to keep that schedule on track, timers are pretty cheap..or yes, set an alarm
  14. Veg = Lights on 24-0 Easy as Pie.
    Flower = Anything under 14 per day. It really can be as haphazard as outside is with cloudy days constantly changing start and finish times. Horizon clouds change when the plant actually "Sees" the light change from day to night so your semi random manual light changes will have zero effects on a flower stage Cannabis plant. Extra dark doesn't matter at all. Even an occasional "Extra Long Day" screw up won't hurt as it takes several in a row before you risk issues.

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