Vegetive growth.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The Ripped One, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. My plant is now is almost 3 weeks old and is 16 inches tall, it is an indica strain, after 3 more weeks will I be able to begin being 6 weeks?
  2. 16 inches in 3 weeks? Flower now before you have a monster on your hands. Unless you can handle a tall plant I'd say flip now.
  3. Yeah start flowering whenever your ready, well how talls the room you have it in? I normaly go to flower when my plant is around 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall.
  4. shit ma, in3 weeks mine are only about 8 inches,,, what the hell are u using?
  5. It is like 15 inches tall but there are not a whole lot of leaves on it, so I dont want a monster but do I need a full plant before flowering?

    Oh and I am using plant food 10-60-10 with a 60 watt fluro and a 65 watt plant light setup overhead at about 73 degrees for the question on what I was using
  6. is them stem of your plant nice and sturdy??
  7. start flowering anything over 12 inches.
    good luck
  8. Ripped Dude;

    Does the plant look kinda stretchy? And thin? If so you may have a light prob...i used plant lights along time ago (longer ago than i care to think about..81-82 when all we had was flouro and Anyway long sjhort of may be the plant is so tall and spindly due to it try to stretch out and reach some quality light. Those little blue bulb plant lights really do not provide the quality of the spectrums that they need to develop full, unstressed growth. If this is the i have not seen the plant in question..then place it closer to the flouro.(What type of tube r u using?) but not touching it or try to suppelement with good ole sunshine..anyway hope this may have helped
  9. I measured it and I think it is actually 13, I never had a ruler so I didn't know. But on a normal plantl, about how far from the dirt are the base leaves, I only want to know so I know if it is streching, although I dont think so cuz the stalk is getting tough
  10. hmmm although most growers use a technique called sea of green... which is a bunch of plants a foot or taller and then send them into flowering... keep in mind your plant when it goes into flowering tis gonna grow really really fast and quick... another 6 or 7 inches in 1-2.5 weeks so yeah i would say its about time to start flowering... hope the bud turns out well remember 12/12 sun light or light light w/e good luck
  11. I just threw my 16 incher into flowering 3 days ago, and even though the timer is screwing up everything, (intermatic sucks) She has produced a new leaf set each day, I wish I forced it sooner, I might have to find someone to take it if it gets too large....

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