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  1. is it possible to have a plant that is in flowering but still in vegitation.Ok i just wanted to try something knew with one of my soon as it sprouted it has been on a 12/12 schedule wich i know is not right your supposed to atleast put it under 24hr. for a couple weeks. then put it under 12/12 to flower. the plant is know over 2foot tall and is in flowering but still growen alot. and the flowers are small and i feel that i have enough so should i turn my light down to eight hours on and 16 off.
  2. I've never heard of anyone trying this before so I dont know what the answer is.Experementing is a good way to learn stuff, but you will probably find you dont get many replies to this question.Let us know what happens next willya ?
  3. yes I would like to know what happens to
  4. why??....your better off sticking to whats been tried and tested.....better to perfect and tweak what is allready known that to mess up a good you flowered the plant while it was only a young plant....i.e. an inch or 2??......i'm surprised it's still alive, considering the shock it's probably went through......and why the 8/16??.....Peace out....Sid
  5. I was thinking about this photoperiod ,and would it be better for the plant to be gradually brought in to the flowering stage?
    i.e.- 24/0 20/0 16/0 12/0
    I wonder would the plant react better to a gradual decrease in light?
    I got the idea by trying to copy nature,but does any1 know if it'll work?
  6. yes it works to decrease it.....but for easyness and just a straight change on the timer, usually just go for 12/12......imagine trying to adjust the old type of timer, with the little annoying would it be.....?.....Peace out.....Sid
  7. yeah thats true, theyre already annoying enough as it is.
    P:S I couldnt find any pearlite for the soil but i came across a bag of aquarium pebbles
    I think they could do the job, will they work?
  8. are you growing hydro?
  9. No, but i think i could use em for hydro though
    Theyre kinda hard to describe: 1mm - 1cm diameter, smooth and puffed looking bits and theyre all different shapes and colours.
    I think these could be useful, im gonna try a small bubble bucket with em if i can,
  10. ok the plant was not flowered at one or two inches because it was used to the schudle 12/12 thats how it has been from day one and why not experment.but anyways what i was trying to get at is aren't you supposed to lessen the light to trigger flowering. well i did not start lessenig the light until i saw the flowers so i think it basically flowered by it'self. im kind of confused and my plant is probably really confused. and why 8/16 because i read some where that a mj plant needs atleast 8 hours of light and i figuerd id turn it down so it would flower better and i also read tht mj plant are long night plant or long day plants so wich would be better im sored of doing the sytem backwards.
  11. go 24 on or 18 on and 6 off for veg then go 12/12 for flower...they start to flower at 12/12
  12. ya might want to find out exactly whats in that aquarium gravel before you use it. It might screw with the ph and such
  13. budboy your plant has been flowering since you gave it 12/12....any more darkness than that will still be flowering....e.g. 8/16...that's 8 on 16 off.......Peace out.....Sid

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