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    Hey guys, I have been growing northern lights and bigbud for a couple weeks now(2nl's and 2bb's). I was just wondering when they should be put into flowering? My tallest bigbud plant is about 17 inches and my tallest northern lights plant is 13 inches. I understand this is the growers decision but I was just looking for some opinions. Im not looking for a crazy yield or to max out the growing potential of all the plants I just want a decent yield. Any advice/opinions would be great.
  2. we put our 2 Northern Lights plants in flower at about 18" and 20" others have said put them into flowering when they are at half the height they will be at full growth. Not sure about BB but I know NL is a 3' to 4' plant good luck and lets see some pics!
  3. K thx, think I might do it now then

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