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  1. Have been a complete vegan for about 2 months now :hello: and I feel great!
    Want to know how you guys feel about meat and the way we come to receive it?
    And what you think of leather and fur. Dont think if you post something about liking meat im gonna go ripshit and flip a nut, because i understand its a big source of nutrients and I used to eat alot of meat too. (the word vegatarien used too terrify me :eek:)
    If you want to get a good idea of how we obtain our meat and animal products (which is just a small portion of death in the animal population) theirs a movie called Earthinglings that is very graphic and hard too watch that tells it like it really is.

    Watch the full movie here:
  2. Dude, there's already about 20 threads on Vegetarianism, and around here they get flamed up pretty quickly.

    I'm a 20 year lacto-ovo vegetarian
  3. oh shit man, i looked them up and found notta thing.
    I gotta get more computer savy i guess, and good for you man :]
  4. I have been veggie for 9 years.
    A few months back I was on a 6 month vegan diet, but I realized I had no fat intake, and it was re-activating the restrictiveness of my eating disorder.
    I plan to stay veggie for the rest of my life.
  5. Been about 6 months since I turned vegetarian. I was a huge meat lover but now I will never look back. :) Hopefully someday we will all be vegetarians and we can stop enslaving less fortunate life forms for nourishment. The fact is people separate "meat" from the animal itself, I know this becuase I did so too, meat was just juicy goodness, untill i was educated by wise freinds.

    So what do you guys eat for protein. Not much of a tofu fan but I love morning star burgers (specially the black bean ones) and quinoa grain is also awesome cause its a complete protein. I deffiniatly make alot of bean/lentil dishes.

    But alas, I think it will be a good long while until the majority of the human race stops consuming animals, but when we do it will be another giant leap for humankind. :smoking::smoking:
  6. can anyone tell me what some good vegie munchies are i need to eat healthy while im high cause im not gonna stop eating lol
  7. I don't buy meat, but I'm not a vegetarian. If the meat has already been paid for I sure as hell aint gonna waste it coz then it would be like the animal died for nothing but profit.
  8. i still eat fish & chicken, we need B-12 in our diets, loads of vegans & vegetarians look seriously unhealthy

    id love to not eat any meat but if i don't i start to look & feel like crap

    unfortunately because generations before us have eaten meat its like its in our genes or something....
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    And the tons of obese folks with high cholesterol and diabetes do look healthy?
    It is not in our genes to eat meat, whether we eat meat or not is dependent on our environment. B-12 can be found in dairy and egg products, and vegans can get it from fortified foods. There is no evidence that vegeterianism is unhealthy or that it does not provide all the nutrients needed by the human body, infact the opposite is true.
    from wikipedia
    "The American Dietetic Association and the Dietitians of Canada have found a properly-planned vegetarian diet to satisfy the nutritional needs for all stages of life, and large-scale studies have shown vegetarianism to significantly lower risks of cancer, ischaemic heart disease, and other fatal diseases"
    Mortality in vegetarians and nonvegetarians: detailed findings from a collaborative analysis of 5 prospective studies -- Key et al. 70 (3): 516S -- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    Mortality in British vegetarians: review and preliminary results from EPIC-Oxford -- Key et al. 78 (3): 533S -- American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    Maybe you start to look and feel like crap because you don't eat balanced meals, eating only cake and veggie burgers isnt healthy. So if you really would "love to not eat any meat" then plan a proper diet and don't.:) :smoking:

  10. There are plenty of meat eaters that look seriously unhealthy as well.

    But b12 can easily be obtained by not washing vegetables/fruits (I reccomend only doing this with organic products, as chemicals are HORRIBLE for you.)

    Generations before us have eaten a lot of meat, but they didn't have super markets full of veggies and fruits and grains. They needed it in their diet, and we don't at all.
    Simple as that =]
  11. It is very difficult, even if you do eat unwashed organic food, to lead a good, healthy vegan diet without taking supplements. I believe the only people who pull it off are some tribe in Nepal, where they are largely vegans out of necessity :p Having grown up with a Green Party-voting, Animal-liberating and on-and-off vegetarian mother, there was always pressure on me to become a vegan or a vegetarian but I've remained a meat eater largely because I enjoy the taste but I justify it with other animals kill for food and we are evolved to eat meat ;)

  12. Organic fertilizers = bat guano, blood meal, bone meal, cow and chicken manures, vermicompost (worm shit), etc.

    Wash your veggies kids. :)
  13. don't get me worng id love to go veggie, but i just feel that when i don't eat meat that somethings misisng from my diet

    fruits & veg make up at least 90% of my diet, the rest is meat

    and chocolate :)
  14. Many animals do kill for food, but supposedly aren't humans a little more sophisticated than most animals? heh i guess not. oh and we aren't evolved to eat meat, we are just able to..

  15. Hah...
    But you'll eat diseased muscle tissue and puss filled milk? Nice.
    I see what you are saying, I was just trying to prove that there are ways to get b12 without vitamins.

    Vdopower, you have an excellent point. We are not evolved to eat meat, if you look at an animal who is a carnivore their systems are completely different than ours. That is why we gain weight form meat, our cholesterol becomes a problem and our bones become weaker.

    Basically, if we were meant to eat meat, we could eat it raw.
  16. i never wash my vegetables, guess i better start!

    even though tap waters got fluoride in it
  17. I don't eat "diseased muscle tissue" and "puss filled milk".

    I buy all of my meat and dairy from friends, who are farmers, who raise organic, grass fed chicken, beef and pork. They don't give their animals steroids, they don't sell diseased meat and they don't sell puss filled milk.

    Look... I'll defend your right to eat whatever you want, but don't toss around pseudo-science to validate your diet.

    What humans are not "evolved for" is eating mangoes in the middle of winter in New England. Or strawberries in Canada in February.

    Think about what you're saying. There are people who live in the artic circle, where if it weren't for airplanes and shipping containers, they would never see fresh fruits or vegetables. So what exactly are THEY evolved to survive on? Snow?

    Here in New England (where I live) we can only grow fresh fruits and vegetables six months out of the year. Before grocery stores, and refrigeration, what would I eat during the winter months?

    Do you think humans are "evolved" to live on fake chicken nuggets and processed vegan cheese?

    Soy milk... grown on a factory farm, processed in a plant a thousand miles away, packaged in a box, shipped 1000 miles to my grocery store where it sits for god knows how long. You think that's healthier or better for the environment than drinking whole milk fresh from my neighbor who I've known for 10 years?

    What humans are "evolved for" is eating local, unprocessed, seasonal foods. I eat fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or my own garden, when they are in season. I eat small amounts of fresh meat which comes from right down the street from people I know. My food doesn't come from a box or a can, or california.

    A vegetarian diet that is high in fruits and vegetables imported from all over the world, and high in processed meat and cheese substitutes, is not what humans are evolved for.
  18. Sorry but i lol'ed at that. If it wasn't programmed into our genes to eat meat then why does the body grow an appendix? It may not control how we think of meat but it sure as hell is programmed into our genetic make-up. Dont get me wrong im not hating on the vegheads, but i did feel the need to argue that point.

    Happy Tokin:smoking:

  19. Our city doesn't add fluoride to the tap water. Kids can take it in school as an optional supplement.
  20. Penelope 420, You get your meats from a friend who works on an organic farm right?
    thats great, but not all people are fortunate enough to know someone that close to home. Ive been doing my senior prject on the goods and bads of organics, and it all about location and how strict the owner is with the term "organic". I personally am i veg and wont ever eat meat, local or not. Its just how I feel personally bout the killing of animals for snacks. I am very healthy and take a multivitamin to get certain vitamins and such, but Im not skinny like a crack head or anything. Its all about balancing your diet, once you find your balance youll feel better,stronger, and healthier. Not to mention a clear concious.

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