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  1. I was vegetarian for 6 months, it was a lot easier than I expected. I actually prefer tofu and veggie burgers over meat, it's yummy. But then I asked myself why I was doing it, and couldn't think of a good enough answer so I ate some chicken :D.
  2. i went a year without eating meats, but i did eat dairy products. let me just say, that although i definately felt healthier, i didnt feel good half the time. i just love meat and chicken tooooo much, hence the buddha belly :p
  3. So...cook it? I think the main reason that its become more unhealthy is because the human race is becoming more and more inactive. Our ancestors ate meat all the time. Mostly red meat, and they were very fit. But along with that, they worked hard labor from sun up, to sun down. How much labor do you do in a day?

  4. Red meat from wild game is far lower in saturated fats than modern red meat, that's part of the reason. Hard labor though is really the answer; most modern humans don't get near enough exercise.

    There is a reason there are hard working farmers who eat tons of dairy and red meat yet live to be 90 in good health. Hard work, exercise.
  5. HA! WHY! I wish i could b one buts its too hard, props to them!
  6. There is nothing wrong with vegetarians or vegans unless they try to push their lifestyle on others. It is NOT the healthiest diet though and I will call them on it when I see that particular lie.

    If you want to get technical, the healthiest diet is something similar to a macrobiotic diet that includes whole grains, fresh seasonal vegetables as WELL as fish and lean meats in moderation.
  7. Yeah I really hate vegetarians who push our lifestyles on others... That just gives us a bad name.
  8. I can't go without meat, I love it too much. Bratwursts, steak, and ribs are just too good to pass up. :D
  9. vegetarian here. have been for... uhh... six years now?
    i don't claim it to be healthier or anything... all depends on your specific diet anyhow, whether vegetarian or meat-eater.

    just a personal choice... no big. i have no problem with others eating meat... it's their decision.
  10. I'm a vegetarian.
    Mostly for the reason that its ten times cheaper for me to buy produce and rice at work than buy anything(mostly with meat) in the deli.
    Also, I can't eat much meat anyway.
    Beef and most dark meats makes me sick, as does pork.
    Chicken and turkey are okay but they get boring and plain after a while, not matter what you do to them. I tend to get pretty bloated.
    Fish I can never give up, but I almost always eat it as sushi... and that rarely happens.
  11. Pretty much explains me, though the times I eat meat have been growing further and further apart for a long time now, they're pretty much irrelevant to me now.
  12. I am vegetarian, and have been my whole life. My parents raised me that way, and my whole family is
  13. yeah, def not a vegetarian, but I have been trying to eat a more rounded diet, primarily plant's weird when you don't eat meat for a few days and come back, it feels way heavier
  14. the way i see it is i eat meat in moderation because it is good for you. its bad for you when you eat too much of it as is any food. when it comes to my beliefs on eating meat and all that is because if animals that we ate were above us, they would eat us because its how the food chain works. and people only look so far into the morals of it because if you want to say its killing innocent animals, technically plants are alive and they do feel, you jsut cant see or hear it. so eating vegetables has the same principle. so when you see it like that theres no way of getting around it because everything that is food unless 100% man made is alive.
  15. ya, and if eating plants is bad, wouldn't it be even more cruel and unusual to grow them only to be killed, dried, and burned with fire? ;)
  16. haha i see your point in that. i also do not agree with the way they are kept in some situations but the way i see that is i wouldnt stop eating meat for that because it doesnt stop the slaughter houses from killing them, id rather fight the problem more directly than indirectly.
  17. Use to be but I have to have meat. I love vegetables and fruits as much as I do meat.
  18. dude, i'm a fucking punk, i aint a hippie who is nice to everone. i speak my mind, and thats what i thought that this site was about.
  19. Actually this site is about cannabis, not being a dick.

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