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  1. Is anyone here vegetarian? I am personally and just wanted to know if any fellow blades were.
  2. I was for 5 years but now I'm pescetarian.

    What's your reasons?
  3. Well, first of all, I enjoy the healthier lifestyle. And second of all, I think that eating any animal is just like eating another person, because we are all God's creatures after all.
  4. I'm a vegetarian as of a few months ago and so far I really like it. I'm not a full vegetarian. I will eat meat at holidays though for the ceremonial aspect of it.

    The reason I don't eat meat is mainly for the health reasons. So if I eat it on rare occasions it isn't going to be bad or anything like that.

  5. Health reason? What unhealthy about meat?
  6. Whats that o_O
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    Not eating meat, but eating fish and seafood.


  8. i was a veg for a year, vegan for about 6 months out of that...


    just to see if i had the willpower...
  9. It's not healthier. People were meant to be omnivores. That being said most people eat too MUCH meat in their diet, but animal protein is essential to optimum health.
  10. I'm sure if I had to kill the cow, cut it open, and filet the meat, I wouldn't eat as much meat, because I don't really like the idea of eating another animal.

    But they're just too tasty not to :confused_2:
  11. I agree that vegetarianism isn't necessarily healthier then an omnivorous diet.

    It can be healthier: a vegetarian diet based on whole foods and well balanced proteins is going to be healthier then an omnivorous diet based on McDonalds and the Olive Garden.

    On the other hand, I have known many, many vegetarians who replace meat with processed, packaged "meat" substitutes. In no way are those healthier or better for the environment then eating meat.

    For me personally, the healthiest diet for the body and the environment, is one based on whole, seasonal, local foods. I would rather eat a free-range chicken raised on my neighbors farm then a processed, frozen "chik-n" fillet that was trucked in from 3000 miles away.
  12. ^^ Yep.

    We eat a lot of seasonal vegetables, many that we grow ourselves and others that we buy from local farmers. We love our meats but we eat moderately sized portions of free range animals as well as wild caught fish.
  13. I started being one back in either 1st or 3rd grade. My step dad was one, and my bff who was a hindu was one so i just went along for the ride i guess. I was a vegan for a little bit, but that annoyed my parents who cooked for me at the time, and was very difficult during the winter months due to all the holidays! I still am one today.
    In this Bio class I took a while back it said the autotrophs (like plants/trees ect) got the most energy out of everyone (from the sun) than herbivores ate them and got the second most energy (some of the energy is lost through each level), than omnivores are third, carnivores last. That just seemd like a good reason to me even though i was already vegitarian haha
    Plus i heard one time that it takes a LOT of water to make like a lb of beef. so this way im conserving water I guess haha
    another reason is i feel very bad when i kill anything, even a bug :/ Like the other day i ran over a turtle with my lawnmower. SAD STUFF, quite gruesome too
  14. Turtles make AWESOME soup.
  15. Vegetarians are fine
    but Fuck vegans!!
  16. I love vegans mainly because when Armageddon comes and Civilization collapses into chaos they will make good eatin', and most of them are pacifists so they will be unarmed.
  17. That's what they want you to believe...

    Every single vegan is 90lbs of pure evil, be prepared...
  18. my sister was a hardcore vegan for a good year. I always thought it was extremly dumb (no offense) I thinm of it as survival of the fittest but that just my 2 sense
  19. I could never stop eating meat. I cant see how it could be healthier plus it just tastes so damn good
  20. Once i ate a person, it was yummy,

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