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  1. Ok, just out of curiousity, how many of you GCers can HONESTLY say you are vegetarian? and that doesn't mean "o well i ate a veggie burger yesterday but for dinner i ate a fat steak double down whatever the fuck so im vegetarian sort of"'re either vegetarian or not.. and i dunno it seems as if I (yea im vegetarian..100%) am the only vegetarian in, say, my school

    i would walk up to the lunch line and order a burrito only to walk back to my spot to eat and realize its beef and cheese and not bean and cheese. i go back to the lady and ask her very politely if she can maybe switch 'em because firstly, i got the wrong order and secondly cause im vegetarian and its against my own beliefs as a human being to eat meat and stuff. The minute i said that.. she and like 20 other kids stop and look at me like im fuckin crazy..i mean What the fuck..

    and another..

    im at a restaurant and i ask them if they have vegetarian food...and they stare at me cold for a good 15 seconds and slowly say "...yea...uhh....i..uhh....i...uhh.. i think i can maybe help you on that" looking at me like i just fucked a dude on the table while he was watchingyea well you dam right better help me on that, im ur fuckin customer, say bye bye to ur tip you fuckin prick.

    and i dont know, the think that makes me kidna mad about everything is the incompetence some people have on this world..."uhh if everyone is vegetarian then the cows will over-populate this world and eventually start to kill off human kind"

    .....are you fucking serious?

    anyway sorry i was goin on a rant

    so yea, just wanted to know what was up, cause sometimes it feels like im the only vegetariano in the state lol except my dad's side of the family.

    and i dont hate non-vegie lovers, your body, do what you will..but i do hate incompetent morons

  2. Humans eat meat and vegetables.

    If someone chooses to only eat vegetables, then that's out of the norm. And if you're out of the norm, you will get people's attention.
  3. Hell nah lol I love meat and poultry too much. Incorporating meat and veggies = excellence. That's just me though. :confused_2:
  4. I wish I could be a veg head but...I feel like I really need chicken and turkey burgers in my I envy anyone who dont share the addiction.
  5. Dude, you live in California and you feel like you're the only vegetarian in the state besides parts of your family? CA is probably one of the the states the highest population of vegan/vegetarian people. When I lived there, I knew a shitton of vegan & vegetarian people.

    But yeah, I'm a vegetarian. And be prepared, people are going to try to turn this into an argument about the merits of vegetarianism.
  6. I really dont think that I could be a vegatarian. I love burgers, chicken, and other meat way to much. I dont see how true vegetarians do it:confused:

    Edit: I respect peoples decison to become vegan and live a vegan lifestyle Im just saying I dont think its the life for me but everyones got their own opinion on things
  7. OP, how do you feel about the 'humans have canine teeth, therefore humans were meant to eat meat' argument?

    I mean, Gorillas have huge fucking canines, what do they eat?
  8. I'm cool with people being a vegitarian untill they try insulting the way I eat and start to push thier shit on me. I enjoy meat, you enjoy veggies. I'm cool with that.
  9. I totally agree man as soon as they start getting on my ass for eating meat and not living just like them is where I draw the line. As long as they live there life and let me live mine then its all good.
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    Wait, were you trollin'? Because a Gorilla's diet is primarily made up of fruits, leaves, stems & seeds. Generally, the only "meat" they eat are small invertebrates such as snails, ants or termites.

  11. if i had the will power i would be vegetarian
    but i love eating meat and i could not give it up, at least not right now
    but i've stopped buying leather products and am trying to make a few small efforts to help out our animal friends as much as i least the tasty ones

  12. Yes that's the point I'm trying to make. Gorillas have huge canine teeth, yet they don't eat meat.

    Therefore one could speculate that humans and other primates had a meat eating common ancestor and thus the canines.
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    I highly, highly doubt this. If our ancestors ate meat and were capable of influencing our teeth based on their diet, then we should probably have digestive systems more like that of carnivores, instead of herbivores.

    And aren't our front, sharp teeth for biting off pieces of hard fruit and other plant foods while our flat molars in back are for grinding plant foods? Why yes, yes they are. :rolleyes:

  14. Thats what menu's are for? I don't go to a restaurant and ask them "Hey man, you got meat?" I look on the menu, and it'll tell me!
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    Poll made me lol.

    Yeah I'm a vegetarian, have been since last August. Not a vegan though, I eat dairy, but no meat or fish. Not bothered by whether people are vegetarians or not though, it's a diet and a lifestyle, it's not for everyone, but some people prefer it, myself included.

    ^ True that. I think people pushing vegetarianism (or eating meat for that matter) on people who don't agree with it is the same as trying to push religion on people, stupid.
  16. You are a very angry hippy. But if you dont mind, what is your reason for being veg?
  17. yea but think about this.. why does do saliva we produce have neg effects on meat? like ok im probs sayin it wrong cause im blazed but when i get a chance i'll find out my paper and just put it up and it'll all be good :)

    yea i know, but u know when you go to a restaurant and you see something and you're thinkin mmm mmm mmmmmm....then you see something you dont like.. and ur like well uhh can i have that WITHOUT that other thing? :D with a big smile

    haha im not angry, just curious, yesterday was like a surge of animal cruelty and all through class i had debates with people about it and i dunno, again i was just curious to see how many GCers were vegetarian...or vegan...or meat eaters. :)

    and im vegetarian because of firstly, my choice and second my religion and my family's belief...but more so of my own choice, cause in the end its me and my life and i can do dam what i please :)

    i dunno i t was like a heat of the moment-beforei crash sorta blazed like WOA sort of thing.

    but may i ask you, if you are not, why are you not vegetarian? nothing wrong in being one or not, just wondering
  18. I've been a vegetarian since January 1 2010. New Years' Resolution. I'd say it's been a pretty good decision, but I do miss meat sometimes. However, I definitely think: A. America has an unhealthy obsession with meat and B. it's easier than one may think to do away with meat altogether and still be healthy/satisfied. Also, as my brother (who's been a vegetarian for a year) says, their is definitely something psychologically strengthening about being forced to actively think about what you are going to eat, with limitations.
  19. i said hell yea, cause i was a true vegetarian for about six years.

    now, i only eat chicken or fish once every couple of weeks, and a bison or elk burger here or there.
  20. seems like you're the one being the prick. instead of jumping to conclusions about the waiter judging you, you could have easily picked up the menu, selected something that looked good and then simply ordered it without the meat. problem solved.

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