vegetarian stoners

Discussion in 'General' started by hardcore_kid, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. come out of the woodwork? where are my fellow herbivores?
  2. eat some meat u wussbag

    Name calling doesn't float at the City, consider this a warning. IndianaToker City Admin

  3. no need for name calling....
  4. i love meat way too much, all part of the food chain
  5. not cool man.

    anyway, i was a vegetarian first 12 years of my life. idk why i just never ate meat lol. Now i eat it, but i only buy free range (although if i'm at a resturant/friends house i dont turn it down). I've thought about going back, but just never have.
  6. vegetarian here too :hello:

    so do tell me, whats your favorite vegetarian dish?
  7. lol... *opens thread while eating bbq chicken wings, literally!*

  8. lol!! seriously me too, TGIF honey bbq wings, what type are yours?

    no offense to the veges :)
  9. Outback.. god i love that restraunt!! there bbq ribs are one hell of a kind too!! :D
  10. ha! Wow.

    A philosophy amongst stoners speculate that we should be allowed to smoke the herb, as its a naturally ocurring substance from earth.

    ... yet refuse to eat meat... which is just as natural.

    HAHA OMG! the irony... CARPE DIEM!

  11. lol everyone has their own groove, we just happen to dig on not eating animals... i find nothing wrong with it, nor do I have anything against those who eat meat... it's all good :)
  12. Since the dawn of life, mankind has been eating meat. A human NEEDS meat to survive, it supplies essential proteins. Regardless of what you say about soy or tofu as a replacement, simple truth is that it doesn't contain everything you need. Your muscle structure and bodily function will not be the same as someone who eats the correct meat.

    WHO THE HELL could turn down a lean, barbecued-to-perfection, bloody piece of top-sirloin. No self-respecting man with a pair of balls could or would.

    FOR EVERY ANIMAL YOU DON'T EAT, I WILL EAT TWO. You can stop being a vegetarian now... Jokes over...

  13. lol I didn't realize being a vegetarian was so frowned upon in this community! :p
  14. if you do that for every vegetarian you will be one fat son of a bitch ;) :p
  15. Nah. I'm quite in shape as a matter of fact. All throughout my school years when vegetarians were getting salads during lunch, my friends and I would help ourselves to one extra serving of meat for everyone that was a vegie. Needless to say, they all hated us :)

  16. well i'm really glad that someone cares enough about pointing out the fact that they eat meat and are obviously better people than vegetarians enough that they found this thread after me making it well over two years ago...

    it's really actually a good contribution to the conversation when people don't have any input whatsoever about meatless dishes they like, or meat substitutes, and instead they just rave about how vegetarians are sickly, skinny, underfed, or just plain stupid because they don't consume meat.

    it's honestly, truly THE best way to contribute to a conversation in whcih people are talking about subversive, alternative lifestyles...considering...that's why we're all on this website to begin with......
  17. (this is only here because i know none of you will understand the above post otherwise...)

  18. I used to be a vegetarian as part of my spiritual practice of Ital foods and my opposition to the meat industry.

    I do feel and know that humans are supposed to eat meat. I love steaks, I love ribs, I love burgers.

    It's just not something i'm prepared to give up at this point in my life.
  19. I don't mind people who don't eat meat but I do feel sorry for you.

    You're really missing out. I LOVE meat!
  20. All the vegetarians I know are anorexic girlies too scared to eat a good meal.

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